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IveGotDMunchies t1_jaaft2o wrote

Shoe stores are better. Nice big thick boxes. Ask them ahead of time when they get their truck in and if you can call in that day to come pick them up. Dont ask them to save them for you. People ask that so often and never show up so theyll usually just decline.

GNC is another place for good sized boxes.

I used to do this as part time income. Pick up boxes from stores, put them in storage, then sell them on craigslist and facebook for half of what box stores charge.


daemon_panda t1_jaalioi wrote

I have so many boxes in my store. They are big. Please take them from me.


Bibliovoria t1_jab2bvw wrote

Likewise bookstores. Clean and sturdy (built to hold books!) and, depending on the bookstore, often in a few standard sizes. Barnes & Noble in our town happily gives away as many as people want, already flattened for easy transport; a friend got about a hundred for his move. Call ahead to make sure they still have some on hand that day before you stop by.