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possiblynotthefbi t1_ja5siqp wrote

Provided everyone follows every law while driving, fuck motorcyclists, they're just like anyone else and don't deserve special attention.


mintysmellshowntell t1_ja63ic9 wrote

"But...But I only have 2 wheels on account of me choosing to operate a vehicle with only 2 wheels!"


possiblynotthefbi t1_ja63odz wrote

And are you also following all the laws and precautions while operating your vehicle? Yes? Coolio, there doesn't seem to be any issues here. No? Well... lmao


Arobain t1_ja6ha81 wrote

Is having some extra courtesy towards vehicles that you are less likely to survive a crash in too much of a burden for you? Do you feel that semis shouldn't be any extra careful? Do you have the same negligent disregard for people that drive the tiny smart cars as well?


possiblynotthefbi t1_ja7pap8 wrote

I drive the same around any vehicle, lawfully, and with care. It's why I've only been in one accident as a passenger, never ad a driver, and zero tickets to my name. There is no extra care required if the other vehicle is also driving lawfully and carefully.

Semi truck and trailers, I have a different view entirely. I feel that they should have complete right-of-way in almost any circumstance given that they're the largest thing on the road. I don't think they should be allowed to ignore common laws, but the frequency of videos showing dashcam footage of some yahoo swerving in front of a semi and brake checking is too damn high. Those drivers can't stop on a dime and the smaller vehicles getting rear-ended win most of the cases where a dash cam is not in use. So my stance would be to make semi drivers no-fault entirely and that'll force people to be a little less gung-ho to mess with them.


Arobain t1_ja7pxvu wrote

But you are correct if everyone follows laws then everything should be good, unfortunately not all do


Arobain t1_ja7pvmn wrote

Such as semis can't stop on a dime safely, neither can motorcycles. Semi drivers made the choice to have that career just as cyclists have chosen to ride that bike