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fiddlenutz t1_ja5viez wrote

I check once. If you are going 90-100MPH and I don’t see you when I am checking for normal speed traffic, not my problem. I have had these assholes pass me on a blind curve no passing zone and get pissed at me for flipping them off.


4levelclover t1_ja5qmp5 wrote

I did check for one, and his dumb ass was doing a wheelie at 60 mph on the fucking freeway. Other drivers were recording it in case he died


Nazathan t1_ja6ik0x wrote

Help. I’ve been stuck in my driveway for 2 days now and I’m getting very thirsty. It’s cold too, and I’m running out of fuel. I’ve checked for motor cycles, and I’ve checked again. I still don’t see any, but I have to check again before I can move. Idk why I need to find them, but I’m too scared not to. This advice is killing me


possiblynotthefbi t1_ja5siqp wrote

Provided everyone follows every law while driving, fuck motorcyclists, they're just like anyone else and don't deserve special attention.


mintysmellshowntell t1_ja63ic9 wrote

"But...But I only have 2 wheels on account of me choosing to operate a vehicle with only 2 wheels!"


possiblynotthefbi t1_ja63odz wrote

And are you also following all the laws and precautions while operating your vehicle? Yes? Coolio, there doesn't seem to be any issues here. No? Well... lmao


Arobain t1_ja6ha81 wrote

Is having some extra courtesy towards vehicles that you are less likely to survive a crash in too much of a burden for you? Do you feel that semis shouldn't be any extra careful? Do you have the same negligent disregard for people that drive the tiny smart cars as well?


possiblynotthefbi t1_ja7pap8 wrote

I drive the same around any vehicle, lawfully, and with care. It's why I've only been in one accident as a passenger, never ad a driver, and zero tickets to my name. There is no extra care required if the other vehicle is also driving lawfully and carefully.

Semi truck and trailers, I have a different view entirely. I feel that they should have complete right-of-way in almost any circumstance given that they're the largest thing on the road. I don't think they should be allowed to ignore common laws, but the frequency of videos showing dashcam footage of some yahoo swerving in front of a semi and brake checking is too damn high. Those drivers can't stop on a dime and the smaller vehicles getting rear-ended win most of the cases where a dash cam is not in use. So my stance would be to make semi drivers no-fault entirely and that'll force people to be a little less gung-ho to mess with them.


Arobain t1_ja7pxvu wrote

But you are correct if everyone follows laws then everything should be good, unfortunately not all do


Arobain t1_ja7pvmn wrote

Such as semis can't stop on a dime safely, neither can motorcycles. Semi drivers made the choice to have that career just as cyclists have chosen to ride that bike


TastyBullfrog2755 t1_ja5z2xs wrote

Not my fucking problem. Nobody has to ride a motorcycle.


BrittUnic0rn t1_ja650aq wrote

I HATE driving near motorcycles. They're always driving erratically all over the road. They don't know what a straight line is. They're always either driving too slow or too fast. I always have to give them more considerations than any other driver just because of what they decided to drive that day. I always pray that they're going to get away from me as soon as possible.


Arobain t1_ja6h28e wrote

As a biker, I feel your frustration


Proper-Nobody-1727 t1_ja60np9 wrote

Bikers should make themselves noticeable and visible to other vehicles for their own safety


stinkerb t1_ja6k666 wrote

Found the guy on the donor cycle.


el-em-en-o t1_ja7dehb wrote

The most common accident with motorcycles happens when they are going straight and a car is turning across traffic to turn left. They hit the rider. Not crazy riders, just regular people who like being on a bike.

People in cars can sometimes be unpredictable and unsafe, too. Sometimes they don’t do shoulder checks. Sometimes they cut in front of you. They often don’t leave enough room when following a rider. Sometimes they drop stuff from their car or truck on the road, the worst is furniture. Texting and driving, eating and driving, putting on makeup and driving… I could go on. Bad driving habits that many people in cars have seen, too. Riders have to be hyper aware at all times and most are not riding erratically. At least, not any more than many car drivers.


T1mely_P1neapple t1_ja5x0fj wrote

okay, i got an idea for a 2 wheeled car. Let me tell you about the safety features...


HerMtnMan t1_ja6m36z wrote

SLPT have ptsd, social anxiety and be hypersensitive so you check for everything all the time. Even if it isn't there.

Really though I always look for bikes. My son just bought one, but it's winter.


Rhiis t1_ja6pet9 wrote

Jesus, there's a lot of negativity in here.

[LPT: If you ride a motorcycle, assume that no one else on the road can see you. Ride cautiously and try to anticipate everyone else.]

Seriously guys, riding is a lot more fun when you aren't endangering anyone or smeared across the asphalt.


gazorpaglop t1_ja7qvge wrote

The driving tips are always so fucking bad on this sub


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garlopf t1_ja5qqno wrote

Keep double distance as a car driver behind a motorcycle. It feels really uncomfortable as a biker when cars get too close behind you, especially in traffic.


daats_end t1_ja60o59 wrote

If you are uncomfortable with drivers following standard safety rules instead of coddling you based on a personal choice you made to ride a motorcycle then maybe it just isn't for you.


Arobain t1_ja6hg0y wrote

Truly from the mouth of a person that knows nothing but selfishness lmao


SimpForBBW3445 t1_ja5uiak wrote

Let those jackasses die


Arobain t1_ja6hj3f wrote

You want motorcyclists to die just for the fact they ride a motorcycle? What the actual


SimpForBBW3445 t1_ja6k4rc wrote

They are disgusting human beings endangering the lives of everyday citizens. Yea let them die


Rhiis t1_ja6p6yy wrote

Pretty horrid outlook you got there.


Arobain t1_ja7hei0 wrote

A motorcycle is the least likely vehicle to endanger anybody's life, in a wreck there is usually no damage to a regular vehicle, or it's passenegers