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I have a down jacket that I love, but this year I’ve had some health issues and one of the side effects is sweating. And not like a little BO but like deep cold sweat smell that is lingering in it. It also transfers to any clothes now I wear under the down jacket. I heard vinegar might help but unsure how to use it and if there is any other way to get it out?

Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks!

Edit; didn’t realise I didn’t cover it in the main text, I have wasted it a few times but the smell has not gone away



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mangatoo1020 t1_ja7pbx0 wrote

My daughter had an issue like that in high school. I took her (machine washable) clothes and put them in a tub with very warm water and a scoop of that powdered oxy clean, and let it soak for a couple hours, and that really helped. Then put them through a regular wash cycle. Good luck!


EggplantIll4927 t1_ja7ozh8 wrote

Down is tougher. Follow any washing instructions maybe? First I would put it into a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer for 2 days. This kills the bacteria causing the stank. Works great w shoes I can’t see why it wouldn’t work w a jacket. I would turn it inside out first. Good luck!


cq2250 OP t1_ja7pdna wrote

Oh wow I didn’t know that with the freezer, thank you I’ll try it!

Sorry I forgot that in the description, I have washed it a few times but the smell just won’t come out 😒


PuzzelingAdventurer t1_ja7thq6 wrote

Rubbing alcohol works as well to kill the bacteria, ive also done baking soda soaks with my socks since they stink


EggplantIll4927 t1_ja7q9a9 wrote

It worked great for me on an awesome pair of leather sandals.

If this doesnt work, sock the jacket according to the manufacturer directions but first soak it for a few hours w a cup or so vinegar in the washer. It worked great for me when a family member had urine soaked clothes that were in a bag for days (post hospital admission). Washed those clothes 4 times and was ready to toss them. Did the vinegar soak followed by a regular wash and there was zero detectable smell! I was also ready to just toss the clothes so had nothing to lose.

Another though-have you tried febreeze?


cq2250 OP t1_jac6tn3 wrote

Have tried fabreeze, it did not seem to work but now that I think about it I wonder if I used one for furniture not sure if I could find one for clothes is there one?

With the vinegar, Is that white wine vinegar or white malt? And does it go in with the clothes or where the laundry conditioner goes in?

Thank you for the great advice!


EggplantIll4927 t1_jacdes7 wrote

I used white vinegar and put it in a pre soak cycle for a few hours. But again, I had nothing to lose. I would try the freezer first then the vinegar. not sure about the down but I googled. Got this

How do you get body odor out of a down jacket?White VinegarWhite vinegar is a powerful odor neutralizer and works wonders on underarm areas of fabrics. Fill your washing machine with water, then add 1/3 cup of white vinegar. Turn off the machine and let the garment soak for 20 minutes, then launder as usual.


please come back and let me know if it works. Good luck! Oh I saw another one that suggested using a spray bottle vinegar and not wash it.


Delanynder11 t1_ja84o7t wrote

Use white vinegar! Add a half a cup or so to your wash water and it'll nuke that sweat smell!


lrz2525 t1_ja7xbb7 wrote

Rockin Green detergent from Amazon got all the stench out of my workout clothes!


Traditional_Rip_8094 t1_ja8ojxn wrote

I use vinegar on stinky pillowcases and it works- maybe try a YouTube search for downfilled cleaning though


Chippany t1_ja7ubi9 wrote

I stopped using laundry softener in the washing machine and instead I add some white vinegar.


Actual-Advertising18 t1_ja7ul3z wrote


One option you could try is to soak the down jacket in a solution of warm water and baking soda. This can help to neutralize odors. You can also try using a laundry detergent that specifically targets odors. Additionally, you could consider using an enzyme-based cleaner to help break down the sweat molecules that are causing the odor. Finally, you may want to consider airing out your jacket outside or in a well-ventilated area to help the smell dissipate.


achatteringsound t1_ja83tvd wrote

Borax soak, wash as usual, vinegar rinse.


YourStolenCharizard t1_ja8csnu wrote

Do this every year or so with most frequently worn clothes and towels, you can’t unsee how much this helps


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WildAppearance t1_ja9xgu1 wrote

One trick I use with pretty reliable results is to alternate washing with baking soda and vinegar. So one wash, detergent + vinegar. Next wash, detergent + baking soda. They neutralize each other so don't do them at the same time, but they're both quite powerful and effective at neutralizing smells on their own, so if you have a serious smell issue with something a few rounds of that will likely help quite a bit.


NoahY503 t1_jaa0lpu wrote

Direct sunlight. Nobody mentions sunlight. It's free. Hang your jacket inside out.


Cutegun t1_jaa5cw7 wrote

When I worked in film we used a concoction called "the russian bath". It's a spray bottle of one to two vodka and water. We'd use it to freshen up the casts wardrobe between scenes, and was great at getting out BO.

But also, to reiterate what others have suggested, check the care label. It maybe time to run it over to the drycleaners for an annual wash.


crmsz32 t1_jaakx3g wrote

You can buy special sports wash detergent on Amazon that should work. There's a decent market for it because hunters use it so that their clothes don't smell to animals.


MsXtine4 t1_jabpxzp wrote

Vinegar all the way.


DifficultyStrong1174 t1_ja7oqel wrote

Chuck it in the wash mate ?


MyNameIsSkittles t1_ja8mkat wrote

He said he's washed it a few times


DroolingSlothCarpet t1_ja8u9kc wrote

No, they did not.

They wasted it.

>I have wasted it a few times but the smell has not gone away


MyNameIsSkittles t1_ja8yygr wrote

And you mean to tell me you can't figure out if thats a typo?

Troll harder, this is weak


DroolingSlothCarpet t1_ja81wdn wrote

I wonder if this copypasta will be posted yet again before the end of the month.