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humvee911 t1_j9q4s16 wrote

I agree. Instead of thinking of learning as "hard work," think of it as a satisfaction to your curiosity.


wildfire98 t1_j9qv4a0 wrote

Hrmm... I (ADHD) usually think of reading as hard work in general, I'll have to practice this for a while it's become a core belief at this point making my brain shut down.


piutartufi OP t1_j9uhsle wrote

Yes, definitely try it! I hated reading for so much of my life till I realized it was because of ADHD. And then once college was over and I didn’t have to read x number of pages by a certain deadline, I could embrace the fact that I was a “slow reader” and finally enjoy it for once. It took the pressure off of it and allowed me to finally do it just for pleasure.