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Bobsareawesome t1_j9z8ptx wrote

I turn up the volume so I CAN'T hear whatever I'm scrapping, grinding or dragging behind my vehicle.


craigmontHunter t1_j9zrtw2 wrote

I guess too late is when you can hear the grinding over max radio volume? Upgrade time!


meshtron t1_ja0j3m4 wrote

Yeah but you can get a cheap amp and more speakers on Amazon cheap - easy peasy.


pendleza t1_ja0nt9p wrote

When we were still dating, my wife rolled up to my apartment with an incredibly flat tire. She had "turned up the music to drown out the sound she kept hearing."


treknaut t1_j9z5xe7 wrote

"Crikey, how long's that hobo been under there?"


KnightOfThirteen t1_j9zacy8 wrote

"Hey mate, can you turn the radio back on?"


Mr_Zaroc t1_j9zqbhz wrote

"Also please turn up your cabin heater, I think your engine is about to overheat"


fwburch2 t1_j9zaf7w wrote

I also recommend letting someone drive your car every once in a while. They’ll notice things that you’ve probably gotten accustomed to.


Dirty_Old_Town t1_j9zbzsr wrote

As a mechanic, I think this is a smart idea.


steelbros1 t1_j9zxl1i wrote

As a mechanic, I absolutely hate this idea. Nobody touches my car.


Jon_P1o t1_j9zyitr wrote

Additionally, or for me at least, being in the passenger seat


thinkingofwon t1_j9yzxx1 wrote

So true. I live in the mountains and a little quiet drive in the pickup is great. Sometimes I don’t see anyone for miles.


buy_low-sell_high t1_j9z4e9e wrote

Great tip… I’ll add that if weather permits roll down you windows for a bit of that drive to help with hearing any type of noises your cabin may be muffling.


Who_GNU t1_j9z6g02 wrote

Drive with the window open, to really get a good listen to what's going on.


trvpdealer t1_j9zszdn wrote

Roll down the passenger window and drive near a barrier or wall so the sound reflects towards you


dubbzy104 t1_j9z9xvn wrote

How do you know whether that sound is bad and needs to be fixed, or something regular and normal?


Dirty_Old_Town t1_j9zbuuc wrote

If it's a new sound, it's not normal and needs to be addressed.


dubbzy104 t1_j9zco6a wrote

But if I’m listening to music, how do I do what’s normal


gnosis_carmot t1_j9zki0f wrote

Anything grinding or screeching is obviously bad.

A lot of other things it wouldn't hurt to ask a mechanic on. Good shops will be willing to listen and advise.


OGThakillerr t1_ja0q1ac wrote

"it never used to make that sound before" usually going hand-in-hand with "it tends to happen when I do X and Y"


idontknowthismuch t1_j9zpkwb wrote

If I know I can’t afford it, I just turn up the music. No scraping sound, no problem.


docmad89 t1_j9zkq9z wrote

Not where I thought this was going. Stop the music to enjoy the silence and to be one with nature was what I was expecting. But this is helpful too.


SFN2048 t1_ja03nfp wrote

I thought it was supposed to be about checking for tinnitus, but that wouldn't make sense why for a car specifically.


SatanLifeProTips t1_j9zryqe wrote

Oh, and make sure you completely ignore those sounds until after you get back from the mechanic. Then you can return and scream your mechanic because it’s his fault.

And the mechanics boss can take the car for a test drive, take the golf ball put of the trunk, throw it at the customer and tell them to get the fuck out of my shop. Which is funny as hell coming from a 4 foot nothing old man.

I don’t miss that trade. Robots don’t complain.

Clean your fucking car out BEFORE you take it to a mechanic. Especially for a squeak and rattle complaint. Maybe clean the outside and look at all the scrapes and dents too. Because we didn’t do that to your car either. Smart shops film every car on the way in now.


keepthetips t1_j9yz66y wrote

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thetoastler t1_j9zksss wrote

I'd rather just turn the radio up to make the noises go away, if they're loud enough that I can hear them over the music or feel something physically wrong through the floor I'll close the windows to make it even harder to hear.


mitchanium t1_j9z6517 wrote

I recommend doing this during the 10minutes adverts😆


blurrytransparency t1_j9z7i9a wrote

Hey now, I can hear what's going on over the music ok? We're fine, it's fine, definitely ok.


gaspronomib t1_j9za8ei wrote

Won't work in my car. My wife won't shut up regardless of whether or not the music is on.


Namrekop77 t1_j9zu0gn wrote

Like a man with a hook for a hand trying to get into your car.


Hayben906 t1_j9zy8gj wrote

This is great advice I have to remind myself to do this from time to time. Especially having an audio system it’s hard to hear your car when it’s having issues.


midgethepuff t1_ja03zp6 wrote

I purposely turn the radio up when I hear sounds. If I can’t hear it it’s not happening.


johnnymoha t1_ja07n0k wrote

Also you might not have figured out all the shit that's going wrong in your life if you don't sit with your thoughts quietly and let them nag you to death the whole drive home. Why didn't you push that kid back in middle school? Can you really stop the "recreational meth" anytime you want?


SSirB t1_ja0807d wrote

Yup happened to me once but luckily the dude survived....


__420_ t1_ja0c9lt wrote

I am the type of psychopath that never listens to music when I drive


Hopper86 t1_ja0cb5m wrote

A tire could fall of my wife’s car and she wouldn’t notice.


Emergency_Buyer_3096 t1_ja0dux8 wrote

As a mechanic I can confirm this is correct. Also thank you to those of you that don't follow this, you've put my son thru college, and I've been able to buy a nice house in the country and enough put away to finally buy my dream car at Mecum auction in Kissimmee a few weeks ago. Thank you.


Mudbass7 t1_ja0dxm1 wrote

I keep the radio up so I can’t hear my brakes/rotors scraping. They’ve gotta be <1mm now. Still work though so imma keep rollin rollin rollin…


xvf9 t1_ja0g6n6 wrote

If I wanted to hear those noises I wouldn’t have put him in the boot in the first place.


Lylac_Krazy t1_ja0josb wrote

Make a habit of doing it every day.

Start vehicle. Let idle 10-15 seconds. Pull out slowly and for the next eighth of a mile, listen to the vehicle.

Added bonus: thats the way we were taught to start the vehicles and run them to warm up properly. Also nice do get that check in every day.


joantheunicorn t1_ja0k3li wrote

You mean like when my drunk neighbor knocked my front bumper off my parked car, I took it to a body shop, did the insurance claim, the whole nine yards and told them specifically that a big piece of plastic was flapping underneath and to make sure it was secure....and I go to pick up my car days later and hear the flappy piece still scraping on the highway but I had to get to work, so I called their asses and made them tow my car back and give me a rental because they didn't do a good repair the first time??? Apparently one of the "best" body shops in our metro area.

Yes I definitely listen to my car frequently and recommend others do the same!

Second time I picked my car up I got on my stomach in the lot and looked under it. Shouldn't have to but here we are.


gummyy_bearr t1_ja0lr4e wrote

Ngl I did this then turned the music back up louder.


Heidiho65 t1_ja0meyt wrote

One of my favorite quotes: "If I wanted to know what was wrong with my car, I'd turn the stereo off".


mrcgardner t1_ja0oydn wrote

I actually don’t usually have the radio on in the car for this very reason. Growing up we always had crappy cars and my step-father was always listening to the vehicle.


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