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rollwithhoney t1_j9krot8 wrote

Note to self: take EVEN MORE daily footage of the cat


SailboatAB t1_j9lpze0 wrote

For my special needs dog Simone, I made up a particular song I often sang to her when we were snuggling and happy.

When she was at the vet that final time, I sang that song into her ear.


thatfluffycloud t1_j9lbym9 wrote

I keep all my old notebooks and was going through one that had a lot of to do lists. There was a list things to do before I went on vacation, and the only unchecked item was "hug [guinea pig]". She got sick while we were on vacation, then died a few weeks later. I get so sad now every time I think about that unchecked list item.


deagh t1_j9mmahu wrote

I have one of my cat, who has since passed, sitting on my lap and purring as I pet her. I listen to it every so often. It makes me smile. So yes, I agree - record video of your pets, and not just like the special stuff - like the everyday stuff.


elgolfo t1_j9mn96j wrote

I have a dog for the first time. At 42. I can't even start to explain the love I feel for him. The joy he brings me. I always end petting him like it's the last time I'll be with him. I've been taking some videos of his walks. I love his shadow. It's a basset hound so I want to remember that shadow. So happy, jiggly and cartoonish. I'll always love you Roquefort.


ItsChitznGiggles t1_j9m7lzr wrote

Definitely appreciate this LPT. Had to put my childhood cat down, had him until I was 20 years old. I have very few videos/pictures of him (granted, smartphones weren't much of a thing for most of his life).

Definitely wish I had more.


Existing-Craft-3661 t1_j9m4uqf wrote

Take lots of videos. You will want to watch them later and they will bring you joy again. I've been through this with five cats so far. You will appreciate doing it later.


I_Want_To_Know22 t1_j9m72nn wrote

I literally was doing this exact thing when this notification came through.


keepthetips t1_j9kcshe wrote

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edpumkin t1_j9mbo5k wrote

I lost my beloved kitty of 15 years very suddenly and while pictures are lovely, its the videos i treasure.


Realistic-Praline64 t1_j9ms7de wrote

While we were waiting for the vet to come help our Lab Bella cross over, my husband sat in the back and made up a song about how she was the best dogga ever while holding her paw. He still can’t sing the song a year and a half later. I wish I had video.


saucity t1_j9mxaim wrote

I’m so sorry for your loss. I bet she had a beautiful and very long life with you.

That’s your best friend… I still can’t look at pics of my old kitty boy without tearing up - but you’re right, most of my phone space is devoted to snuggling kitties, and it’s a good thing.


TotallynottheCCP t1_j9nizal wrote

I don't know if I could even watch something like that after I eventually have to put mine down...I think it'd be too hard.


deepndarkheart t1_j9o7f8g wrote

I lost my phone to robbery and lost the only memory of my lovely pet. she was taken by the building employees and left in some jungle cause they had to clean after her.