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LeeAnnLongsocks t1_ja55qbv wrote


IAmNotAFetish OP t1_ja56phx wrote

Does it let you download a copy of your finished returns for your records?


LeeAnnLongsocks t1_ja56sr2 wrote

Yes, it does.


IAmNotAFetish OP t1_ja575qb wrote

Ok thank you!


special_kitty t1_ja5hpon wrote

I use freetaxusa and my last year filing was just like what you posted plus some. It was totally fine. Plus, it will pull info from previous years if you use it next year. You can get a coupon for 10% off your state return on


IAmNotAFetish OP t1_ja5if45 wrote

Nice. Thanks for that coupon idea


eatingganesha t1_ja5jxj0 wrote

Don’t bother with that coupon. FreeTax USA does your state and city returns for free as well. No coupon needed.


IAmNotAFetish OP t1_ja5kwly wrote

Oh I thought it says they charge you for state tax returns . Like 15 dollars which is not much


IAmNotAFetish OP t1_ja5l08t wrote

City returns ? I have never heard of someone having to file city returns. Only state and fed


eatingganesha t1_ja5jse4 wrote

No they won’t be complicated. Use FreeTax USA from the IRS. Stay away from HRB. As a CPB, I would charge $25 to prepare your return and would have it done and filed in less than 30 minutes.


IAmNotAFetish OP t1_ja5l7ti wrote

What is a CPB ? You mean CPA ? Certified public accountant ?


keepthetips t1_ja55g9i wrote

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