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TarikeNimeshab t1_j9k2jdu wrote

Not sure if this LPT is any good. After all that effort your vaccum cleaner still sucks. Why bother?


FSDLAXATL t1_j9kp6nr wrote

LPT: Preventative maintenance should be done on all mechanical objects periodically if the device is servicable.


Delanynder11 t1_j9kl0bt wrote

This is a great reminder of general maintenance on your vacuum cleaners. A few years back I bought a dyson ball vacuum (animal edition) from a guy who helps run a small colleges Eco-Hotel. Off grid, in the woods, pet friendly kinda place. He was selling an almost $450 vacuum for $60 because it turned on but didn't suck anything up anymore. Dyson vacuums don't lose suction so I knew something was wrong with the tubes that move dirt from the brush head to the canister. His advice was to part it out and sell the parts at a profit. I took it home and in 10 minutes using a bent coat hangar, I cleaned out 3 giant pet hair balls/plugs out of the tubes and the vacuum worked like new. I still have it and it still works great. clean your vacuums out!!!


EveryDIFU t1_j9k81xt wrote

I did the same thing to my old vacuum cleaner. Replacing the belt was WAY cheaper than a new vacuum.


keepthetips t1_j9k0lgv wrote

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Kraakefjes t1_j9k8gos wrote

Vacuum cleaner belt? Never heard of that.. Do you mean the filter?


frontpagekek OP t1_j9k9mp3 wrote

The belt to drive the part on the front that spins to clean the floor and draw in the particles


Kraakefjes t1_j9kv7i6 wrote

What a strange design. Have had a lot of different ones, and they all have used vacuum to suck dirt into the bag.. Even the industrial one, that easily picks up gravel and water.


Alexis_J_M t1_j9kw2b8 wrote

Every vacuum I've ever had has used a belt to rotate the brush that sweeps particles into the center to be vacuumed up.


WorkMeBaby1MoreTime t1_j9l1t5e wrote

Same. Every vacuum I've ever had has had a belt. And I've been around since the Dead Sea was only sick.


ForceOfAHorse t1_j9kf89c wrote

What a strange design. In my vacuum this kind of brush is just "powered" by air suction. No motors, no belts etc.


DefinitelyNotaGuest t1_j9kjq1f wrote

The ones with belts tend to do a better job cleaning because you aren't losing all of that suction power to the brushes. And you can get a lot more torque out of a belt-driven assembly in general.


ForceOfAHorse t1_j9kl5j2 wrote

Why would I need more torque for a brush? I'm not bending steel beams there. I have my vacuum set at "minimum" power since it already sucks everything up. Maybe that's because there are no extra holes on the side for belt and stuff that leaks air left and right?


DefinitelyNotaGuest t1_j9knnc8 wrote

If you can't understand how torque relates to rotational forces then google can probably help. The benefit from direct drive assemblies comes from their mechanical simplicity, not from heightened performance. Not sure what your point is here besides that the most common type of vacuum cleaner is a "strange design."


ProgandyPatrick t1_j9kgu73 wrote

You should probably replace it if the vacuum still sucks. /s


[deleted] t1_j9ki76w wrote

Cheers to a sucky vacuum


PercussiveRussel t1_j9ks9n7 wrote

Tssss, that's what you get for buying a belt-driven vacuum cleaner. I only buy direct drive quartz locked...


hikingsticks t1_j9kup9d wrote

LPT : maintain your shit or it degrades and eventually stops working.


WorkMeBaby1MoreTime t1_j9l1lww wrote

Wait, is it OK or does it suck? So confused.

Mine had the roller go bad, there are plastic bearings and they are bound up, so I ordered a roller/beater bar and a belt for $30 shipped.


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