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Delanynder11 t1_j9kl0bt wrote

This is a great reminder of general maintenance on your vacuum cleaners. A few years back I bought a dyson ball vacuum (animal edition) from a guy who helps run a small colleges Eco-Hotel. Off grid, in the woods, pet friendly kinda place. He was selling an almost $450 vacuum for $60 because it turned on but didn't suck anything up anymore. Dyson vacuums don't lose suction so I knew something was wrong with the tubes that move dirt from the brush head to the canister. His advice was to part it out and sell the parts at a profit. I took it home and in 10 minutes using a bent coat hangar, I cleaned out 3 giant pet hair balls/plugs out of the tubes and the vacuum worked like new. I still have it and it still works great. clean your vacuums out!!!