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Chemical-Star8920 t1_ja2fj10 wrote

LPT: don't be the kind of parent who is so self-centered that you get disappointed when your baby is learning how to mimic sounds of human speech that they may or may not even understand yet instead of just being glad that your baby is learning and growing and happy.


_Harry_Sachz_ t1_ja2ehoh wrote

I would seek therapy if something like that bothered me. The tip is a good one though, calling out the partner’s name whenever they appear will help the child better identify who’s who.


d4m1ty t1_ja35uy9 wrote

Vocalizing depending upon muscle strength in the mouth and has nothing to do with you saying mama, dada to the infant. I don't know why more people don't know this.

The act of suckling strengthens lips, tongue which are what we use to vocalize. It turns out the easiest sound to make is 'ta', it only needs a little bit of tongue to do. The next sound is 'da' which requires a little more tongue work, but not much which is why statistically the first word out of a babies mouth is dada, it is easier to say. Making the sound 'ma' require lip strength. Lips muscles are hugely weaker than tongue muscles so 'ma' and 'ba' and 'pa' take longer to master for the baby.

Babies speak as per their physically development not so much what you train them to do.


dug99 t1_ja2ep9a wrote

Very simple when your child has two mamas. :)


keepthetips t1_ja2ad0r wrote

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