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ocelot-gazebo t1_j9f5y1l wrote

Or, after you squat, you'll feel even more lightheaded and fall down.


julie78787 t1_j9f774q wrote

Yeah, this is horrible advice. The change standing up from sitting is less than the change standing up from squatting.

The best advice is to sit back down and wait a second. Two seconds is a long time when you're about to pass out.


Polybutadiene t1_j9gbu02 wrote

how is this that much different from what OP recommended? you’re both basically saying to sit back down. Besides, if you go to squat on the floor and pass out, you’re basically on the floor anyways.

the only gripe i have is many ppl probably cant just squat because we’re fat or old or both, in which case your recommendation would be superior.


julie78787 t1_j9hmhm0 wrote

The OP is suggesting you go further down than you were before. If you were sitting on the floor, sit back on the floor. If you were sitting on a chair, sit back on the chair.

I have Orthostatic Hypotension and the OP's advice is about as wrong as it gets.


weareoutoftylenol t1_j9hvu0u wrote

If a light-headed person goes to squat down they might fall over, especially an older person. I have orthostatic hypertension and I just have to get up slowly and wait 2 seconds before I start walking to make sure I'm okay. No big deal.


sweart1 t1_j9ftihm wrote

This is called orthostatic hypotension (translation: standing up low blood pressure). It started for me in my 50s, a couple of times I fainted and fell down after standing up, until I learned to detect it--you have a couple of seconds warning. If you can't sit down right away, just lean over with hands on knees, that's better than squatting because it gets your head down to the level of your heart right away.


rorowhat t1_j9gyd34 wrote

I think I've had this since ever, just got used to it and can feel it coming and I adjust to it. Any issues associated with this?


sweart1 t1_j9h3xnv wrote

I'm no doctor but my doctor told me I just have to be careful. If it's a new condition then it would be worth checking with a doctor in case it points to a problem. See


rorowhat t1_j9hqu6a wrote

Had it since I was a teenager, not really sure if it's anything, just lightheaded if I get up sometimes.


garlickbread t1_j9hygif wrote

Ive had this condition my whole life and outside of being annoying it's never been an issue. I get bloodwork done every three months and it's never been brought up. I also get my blood pressure taken and its never come up. Ive asked doctors about it because my fainting spells were freaking my wife out, and they said it wasnt a huge deal.


rorowhat t1_j9i4f09 wrote

Thanks, that's reassuring. I've never had health issues, aside from this annoying "condition".


bellesavage t1_j9hjkgi wrote

Look into POTS, it's a condition that contains this symptom and a host of others. There's a great community that can give you insight about it if it fits for you


Have_Other_Accounts t1_j9hasz0 wrote

It's also beneficial backwards, to use that technique to stand up. Starting from a sitting position, put your hands on your knees, lean forward and slowly stand. To be extra safe, pause half way, in that head-at-heart level, before fully standing.

Just get in the habit of standing that way and I haven't had a light headed spell in years. People I know who get them shoot up from sitting down and it makes me cringe.


Nevr_gonna_giv_U_up t1_j9i4dar wrote

Bruhhhh wait I get head rushes every time I stand up too quick and I'm not even twenty. Is this a vitamin issue?😅 I've always had this


pmathewstx t1_j9f7gp6 wrote

Sounds like this should be in shitty life pro tips.


hctive t1_j9g82tn wrote

I did. Woke up on the floor in a pool of my own blood after hitting my head on the table corner.

LPT: be careful with underqualified medical advice


_Forgotten t1_j9fbwdn wrote

but I like the rush... I take a moment to enjoy it.


Vievin t1_j9fqjf1 wrote

Same. It makes my head feel warm too.


Whut4 t1_j9fixjh wrote

Some people take blood pressure meds or have low blood pressure and will stumble or be dizzy or fall over. This is not for them


ThrowAway072343 t1_j9fvrcu wrote

Or, you have orthostatic hypotension and need to see a cardiologist.


julie78787 t1_j9hmrgn wrote

I have it. It's not always a condition which requires a cardiologist. I also have Athletic Bradycardia when I'm in shape and that's a bad combination of things to have.


[deleted] t1_j9fx5mr wrote

This feels like an All-American LifeProTip. Don’t see the doctor, it costs too much ! Do a squat instead !


Ok_Needleworker_9537 t1_j9fbnzv wrote

Squatting (and staying there) with your legs spread automatically helps with bloodflow. This is what we would do in boxing class when heart rate getting too high.


apsidalsauce t1_j9f7f54 wrote

Just clench your core muscles. Like you’re trying to shit, but instead of poop, you’re pushing blood to your brain.


TheOddManufacturer72 t1_j9f7rhd wrote

This is an even worse idea. Omg you guys.


apsidalsauce t1_j9g4f9l wrote

How is clenching your core muscles a bad idea? You sound dumb.


TheOddManufacturer72 t1_j9gfxo9 wrote

The next time you’re lightheaded after standing up and every single time after that, I strongly encourage you and all of your kin to prove just how dumb I am. I dare you. Cmon.


apsidalsauce t1_j9jus66 wrote

I think this whole thread is full of people proving how stupid you are, multiple times, on a daily basis.

You’d probably know that if you’d just squeeze some blood into your fat head.


TheOddManufacturer72 t1_j9f7lt2 wrote

Don’t do this. I don’t feel like typing out the entire reason why this is a really bad idea. Just don’t.


TheFiberFan t1_j9g0j24 wrote

Can also be caused by low blood pressure when changing positions; orthostatic hypotension.

The trick there is to 'bear down' and exhale slowly and forcefully through pursed lips when standing. This raises the BP just enough to *usually* avoid the head rush. This can be pivotal for at-risk populations.

Source: worked in Cardiac Rehab a long time


ilaissezfaire t1_j9f82e1 wrote

I have an injury that makes it so if I stand up too fast I'll just pass the fuck out. It's gotten a lot better with yoga and neck exercises.


Jetztinberlin t1_j9fm6xc wrote

Always looking for more good neck exercises - any recommendations?


OddAssumption9370 t1_j9ggnv5 wrote

Uh, I get the dizzy lightheaded feeling FROM getting up from a squatting position. This does not seem like good advice!


julie78787 t1_j9hmymw wrote

It isn't. I was going to report it, but couldn't find a rule it violated. Enough people either have Orthostatic Hypotension or POTS I knew the negative comments would handle it.


Neatcursive t1_j9gguh6 wrote

There might be some truth in this, but I would advise that the smartest thing to do is to brace yourself/sit down/go to the ground.

I have a history of passing out. I dont fuck around anymore. If I feel faint, I hit the ground with a knee and a hand. Head trauma is not something to fuck around with.


xblackbeltninjax t1_j9gt4zb wrote

Same, it looks weird from the outside, but it saves my ass (or head) more often than I'm comfortable with


sternokleido t1_j9h0jqy wrote

Life pro tip: STOP and put your head down between your legs. Squatting sounds risky.


h3rpad3rp t1_j9hs45y wrote

Extra LPT: Don't try to wait it out standing up. When I was young I passed out from one of these and bashed my head pretty fucking bad on the way down.

To stop them, it is better to just sit back down. If you can't sit then yeah just partially squat and bend over resting your arms on your legs with your head lowered.


keepthetips t1_j9f0m1s wrote

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amkica t1_j9f2t76 wrote

Will have to try this, thanks, my low blood pressure is often an issue when getting up!


RobbieSavageScarf t1_j9g77g0 wrote

this is anemia? didn’t know this. i usually cant see when i stand up too quickly.


Nepherenia t1_j9ggrov wrote

They often come hand in hand, yes! Anemia can often cause low blood pressure, which is a factor. I have the same. Easy tips that I find helpful.

  • iron supplements. I personally try to eat iron rich foods, but when I'm not getting enough, I have supplements as well. I recommend looking for ones that are low-dose/easy on your digestion, because otherwise iron supplements may cause constipation.

  • drink more water! I find the vision failure happens more often when I haven't had very much water.

  • if lying down, try to sit up for a moment before standing, instead of just jumping to your feet.

  • if dizziness comes along with the lack of vision, don't push through it, stop and sit back down... Even on the floor. Fainting because you were trying to "power through it" is embarrassing, stupid, and needlessly risky. Just give yourself a moment.


Key-Regular674 t1_j9g8dyx wrote

Real tip... take long deep breaths instead. Absorb oxygen.


julie78787 t1_j9hni3r wrote

It's not a blood oxygenation problem. My O2 saturation is usually 98 percent.

There's an autonomic response to standing which can be defective in some people. When someone with that problem stands, the blood pressure in their skull rapidly declines. When the blood pressure in the skull is too low, O2 can't exchange with CO2.


bigloser42 t1_j9g9r6y wrote

I dunno, I just duck my head down for 2 seconds and I’m good.


reedef t1_j9gdrsa wrote

Am I the only one who actually enjoys the headrush?


PocketFullofSouls t1_j9gicfz wrote

You’re possibly having a heart attack. Quick…do a squat and you’ll be fine.


mitchaboomboom t1_j9gr7sy wrote

This is the dumbest advice Ive ever seen. Listen to your body people! Stay safe, take things slow if you're feeling dizzy. Sauce: my medical degree.


Mission_Progress_674 t1_j9h4351 wrote

If I squat down I'm going to be stuck in that position until either I fall over or someone helps me up.


johnsgrove t1_j9h8m07 wrote

Or you will fall over …


ItsBigStew t1_j9hjbgb wrote

As a physical therapy student, if you know you're going to be lightheaded/dizzy when you stand up, I would recommend doing some ankle pumps (like you're pressing on the gas pedal), seated marches (lifting each leg into the air while seated, one at a time), and/or leg kicks (kick one leg out a time). This can help get your blood flowing and (hopefully) avoid such symptoms from standing up. A squat like OP recommends probably works fine too, but my concern is a risk of falling over and maybe getting hurt if you get dizzy then do a squat. Depends on your symptoms and condition of course.

Also if this is happening to you all the time and it negatively affects you, please consider going to a Physical Therapist or your physician to get it checked out!


TAC1313 t1_j9htoa8 wrote

but I like the free buzz