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RathSauce t1_jak781t wrote

>So, apologies if you find these answers wanting or unsatisfying, but until there is a testable and consistent definition of consciousness, there is no way to improve them.

There is the full quote, what experiment do you propose to prove that the statement you provided is the correct, and only, definition of consciousness? If this cannot be proven experimentally, it is not a definition, it is just your belief.

If the statement cannot be proven, then people need to stop stating that consciousness has arisen in a computer program. If there is no method to prove/disprove your statement in an external system, it cannot be a definition, a fact, or even a hypothesis.


What-Fries-Beneath t1_jak8reh wrote

If you leave philosophy and spirituality out of it there is no debate on the definition of consciousness. It isn't that complicated.

>Consciousness is an internal representation of the world which incorporates an awareness of self. It's a dynamic computation of self in the world.

Plenty of citations in that paper for you to explore the idea from a scientific perspective. Edit: also plenty of experiments.