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rumovoice OP t1_jauxt0h wrote

A smart autocomplete script invoked with ALT+G. It can modify the existing command as well.


kekinor t1_jayxe3j wrote

There is also plz, which seems more mature:


rumovoice OP t1_jaz2inw wrote

shell_gpt seems more mature than that

Both of those are separate scripts rather than hotkey bindings that work inline in your shell.


kekinor t1_jb09s2y wrote

Might be that I misunderstood then. Thanks for pointing out the differences and shell_gpt.


[deleted] t1_jav5pu1 wrote

What dataset did you use to train the model? I'm creating something similar for an app and looking for a dataset.

Edit: NVM, you are using OpenAI API.


ginger_beer_m t1_jawngph wrote

OpenAI .. LOL


Quazar_omega t1_jax5sju wrote

I swear, sooner or later they'll change name into some dystopian stuff like EthicalAI or something since they aren't much open anymore, but still want to keep a "good" face


Sirisian t1_jayfok9 wrote

They bought the other day if you missed that. It directs to ChatGPT for now.


ank_itsharma t1_jax7x0s wrote

On a similar context, we can fine tune OpenAI API for a particular set of data, right?


DaTaha t1_jawprrx wrote

What options does one have if one wants ChatGPT-like functionality but without actually reaching out to OpenAI or other such online services?


crayphor t1_jawrahh wrote

You can use a smaller model like GPT-2. You are not going to get ChatGPT performance without a terabyte of VRAM, but if you want to try something locally, GPT-2 exists.


Art10001 t1_jayfgsc wrote

I suggest another model such as OPT or even Flan-T5, because they're much easier to setup than OAI's outdated instructions that use outdated package versions that effectively demand a for-purpose VM or Docker.


Pat3418 t1_jbjmcty wrote

Have you done something like this? Any references you can share? Would love to have an offline tool like this…


Art10001 t1_jbjv13z wrote

I once setup the smallest model of Pygmalion to act as a chatbot. The UI was premade and Gradio-based.

It worked well. I had tried Flan-T5 first, but the UI did not recognize the model kind (yet.)


DAlmighty t1_javrbwq wrote

This is definitely impressive but it also feels like more work than to just bang out the commands.


rumovoice OP t1_javxdca wrote

If you know and remember the command - yes, if you need to google or read the man first this could be faster. Or sometimes faster for complex commands with subshells and regexes.


DAlmighty t1_jaw5m9v wrote

Regexes are definitely the bane of my existence.


hiptobecubic t1_jaw1yhv wrote

The ffmpeg example is worth it alone


n8mo t1_jawxx5t wrote

Not me googling the syntax for ffmpeg commands every time I have to use it LMFAO


maxToTheJ t1_jaw2nk0 wrote

Especially given the compute used on OpenAI end. This isn’t sustainable


omgpop t1_jav1omw wrote

Does it/could it send your directory/file tree as part of the prompt?


rumovoice OP t1_jav292n wrote

It sends only OS name and current command. I tried to avoid sending anything else for privacy reasons.


notaninvestor633 t1_javmt3c wrote

Wow this is awesome. Can’t wait to tinker around with it


BeautifulLurker t1_jax84v8 wrote

Could you DM me that .tgz? You see, I'm Satoshi and have been looking for that file for a while.


Art10001 t1_jayfsfe wrote

I've seen DM like 5 times in recent memory...

In reddit we use PM, Private Message. Not DM, Direct Message, which is a Discordism.


WarAndGeese t1_jax2je6 wrote

I imagine that stuff like this will be the future of interacting with computers, at least to a large extent, but it's frustrating how people sacrifice certainty for 'the probability of it being right are good enough'.


WarAndGeese t1_jax2k9d wrote

I think I would prefer that ends up not being the case, but I can see the trajectory of how it would be.


eclipsejki t1_jb0tmeq wrote

this is dangerous on so many levels. External API calls has access to your entire computer. I'd wait for smaller personal LLM


BezoomnyBrat t1_jaw7k23 wrote

Looks great, definitely going to try it out. Pity it works only with zsh though and not with bash


rumovoice OP t1_jawfmk1 wrote

I'm not sure if bash has autocomplete capabilities like that (like asking for a query under the current command line)


ke7cfn t1_jazjfwv wrote

Can it download and build sshfs for an m1 mac by query ?


rumovoice OP t1_jazl88i wrote

> download and build sshfs for an m1 mac

its answer: git clone && cd sshfs && ./ && ./configure && make && sudo make install

it doesn't do well in cases where it needs some recent knowledge like m1 issues


Zieng t1_jax04t4 wrote

I'll try it out! but how is the API availability? bc the availability on the chatbot at least is too low, for free tier :(


rumovoice OP t1_jax22id wrote

the availability is meh, 99%


Art10001 t1_jayg0yg wrote

SLA level of 99 % uptime/availability results in the following periods of allowed downtime/unavailability:

Daily: 14m 24s

Weekly: 1h 40m 48s

Monthly: 7h 14m 41s

Quarterly: 21h 44m 4.4s

Yearly: 3d 14h 56m 18s