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I've been googling but can't find more than just it runs on Discord. I'm interested in the hardware they're using. And what it it requires for example to be run locally for example. I'm curious about the processing power it takes to generate such detailed images in seconds. And I know it's largescale so it all depends on how many users they're using it at a given moment. But let's say I wanna run it locally just for me, what kind of hardware would I need? Theoretically of course.



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currentscurrents t1_jefj08w wrote

Definitely a GPU farm, probably NVidia A100s, but nobody knows for sure because it's closed source.

If you want to run an image generator locally, head over to /r/StableDiffusion


shn29 OP t1_jefkbkb wrote

Very closed! Couldn't find nothing, it sure is fun to play with and guess they're training it that way, Like nothing on what they plan on to do with it in the future etc.


MotionTwelveBeeSix t1_jefm3ak wrote

Requirements for running locally aren’t related to what the company uses, they’re servicing thousands/tens of thousands of images every minute, you’re not.

You can run Stable Diffusion locally at fairly high resolution and equally high quality models off pretty much any modern graphics card.


shn29 OP t1_jefmsm2 wrote

I think I've pointed that out that they're doing it large-scale. I was curious how much of processing power would require if I wanted to run it locally. And the end of the post I said "theoretically of course".


Zealousideal_Low1287 t1_jefx466 wrote

Somewhere between a high end gaming card and 8 A100s probably. So £1k - 160k ish worth of GPUs?