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gahblahblah t1_jedwifr wrote

This could be it - true open AI. Maybe this could be the answer to AI alignment and democratising AI - empowering humanity as a whole. Disarming the arms race, and working in cooperation.


2muchnet42day t1_jee275g wrote

It's kinda ironic there already is an OpenAI and it's exactly the opposite.

Let us hope these initiatives get all the necessary support and that they stay loyal to their foundational concepts.


Scew t1_jef6kiu wrote

Lol they opened up their AI to be trained for free for "research purposes..." Sounds similar to how certain corporations greatly profited from recent current events over the passed couple of years... Wonder if they'll even go as far as calling people some kind of hero for helping them make a bigger profit >.>


toothpastespiders t1_jeg98nb wrote

I'm already getting a little frustrated by how many things promoted as open source use openai. I get that there's some wiggle room with terminology. But it's often on the level of just having a shell script built on top of a binary and calling it open source because you can edit the launcher.

I'm absolutely fine with openai doing its thing. I'm grateful for it in fact. But I really hate how much it's muddying the waters.


ZetaReticullan t1_jedziv4 wrote

You must be new to planet earth. The scenario you imagine, will NEVER see the light of day. If I have to explain that to you, then you're a looo-ng way from home - boyo!