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farmingvillein t1_jckjsyr wrote

  • Much more off-the-shelf right now (although that is changing rapidly)

  • No/minimal IP issues/concerns (although maybe OP doesn't care about that)


2muchnet42day t1_jckjy9i wrote

Thank you


farmingvillein t1_jckm5r2 wrote

Although note that OP does say that his data isn't labeled...and you of course need to label it for Roberta. So you're going to need to bootstrap that process via manual labeling or--ideally, if able--via an LLM labeling process.

If you go through the effort to set up an LLM labeling pipeline, you might just find that it is easier to use the LLM as a classifier, instead of fine-tuning yet another model (depending on cost, quality, etc. concerns).