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1azytux OP t1_jdcvjki wrote

Yes, I have worked with multimodal models before, but I'm still in nascent stage of discovering the field of NLP. What about you? Are you interested in multimodal models? What's your PhD on?

I was interested in CoT, and more in multimodal ones because of the recent advances of chatgpt as it's able to remember the previous conversations. I hope this is correct.

Yes, I saw the link and wasn't able to find much about CoT in particular, so asked about you.

I can talk about what I've worked on and what I was trying and want to do in future, maybe in DMs .. ?


aozorahime t1_jdv86p7 wrote

yes, I am interested in multimodal, I think I wanna use this topic for Ph.D. plan. I actually am still a master's student :)) I dunno why since there are various new models, I also get confused what should I do or improve for this CoT, probably because I read few papers, i guess

sure, let's talk via DM or discord (?). I am interested in hearing about your experience in this area.


1azytux OP t1_jdv913f wrote

I am actually not using discord for time being, but maybe reddit messaging will work :) I can DM you.