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pornthrowaway42069l t1_jdn6noe wrote

Not going to deny that GPT-4 looks impressive, but, they could set up 10 bajillion-quadrillion parameters, question is, do they have the data to effectively utilize all of these? Maybe its time to start looking into decreasing number of parameters, and making more efficient use of the data.


currentscurrents t1_jdn7spo wrote

Bigger models are more sample efficient for a given amount of data.

Scale is a triangle of three factors; model size, data size, and compute size. If you want to make more efficient use of data, you need to increase the other two.

In practice LLMs are not data limited right now, they're limited by compute and model size. Which is why you see models like LLaMa that throw huge amounts of data at smaller models.


pornthrowaway42069l t1_jdnmf0j wrote

I'm confused, how is that different from what I said? Maybe I worded my response poorly, but I meant that we should focus on smaller models, rather than those gigantic ones.