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sdmat t1_jdu3imb wrote

GPT4 will do this to an extent out of the box, feed it some assembly and it will hypothesise a corresponding program in the language of your choice. For me it still has that disassembler character of over-specificity, but I didn't try very hard to get idiomatic result.

It can give detailed analysis of assembly too, including assessing what it does at a high level in plain english. Useful!

Edit: Of course it's going to fail hopelessly for large/complex programs.


orthomonas t1_jdum8od wrote

I've had some luck doing this with chatGPT too. Mainly feeding it bits of 6502 code and then saying, 'Please explain the branch logic in a higher level language". It's also reasonably able to give plain english explanations if you can let it know the context and what various addresses may represent.