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royalemate357 t1_jclz4t0 wrote

hmm, I am not too sure but their blogpost says this:

>TorchInductor uses a pythonic define-by-run loop level IR to automatically map PyTorch models into generated Triton code on GPUs and C++/OpenMP on CPUs.

so it seems like they support CPU. I also tried it briefly on google colab CPU-only, and it seems to work (i didn't benchmark speed though). I doubt it supports non cuda GPUs but then again support for those even in the general case isnt very good.


mike94025 t1_jcn7ksu wrote

Works for all. You need a compiler backend that can code-gen for your target, and need a frontend for the optimizer that can process the IR.

Alternatively, you need a backend for Triton (or another already supported optimizer) that can codegen for your target architecture.


programmerChilli t1_jcny4qx wrote

We currently officially support Cuda and CPU, although in principle it could be used for other backends too.