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A1-Delta t1_jcrpd05 wrote

Interesting project! I’ve seen many suggest that the training data for transfer learning might actually be the biggest thing holding Alpaca back from a ChatGPT like experience. In other words, that although the OpenAI model allows for the creation of a lot of training data, that data might include a lot of low quality pairs that in an ideal world wouldn’t be included. Do you have any plan to increase the quality of your dataset in addition to the size of it?

I hear your concern about the LLaMA license. It might be bad advice, but personally I wouldn’t worry about it. This is a very popular model people are using for all sorts of things. The chance they are going to come after you seems to me to be small and my understanding is that it’s sort of uncharted legal ground once you’ve done significant fine tuning. That being said, I’m not a lawyer.

LLaMA is a very powerful model and I would hate for you to put all this effort into creating something that ends up being limited and not clearly better than Alpaca simply because of license fears. If I were you though, I’d go with the 13B version. Still small enough to run on many high end consumer GPUs after quantization while providing significantly better baseline performance than the 7B version.


starstruckmon t1_jct0dxy wrote

Just publish the diff. between the original model and the finetuned model. That's what a lot of people are doing to avoid any license issues.