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KerfuffleV2 t1_jecbxy7 wrote

It's based on Llama, so basically the same problem as anything based on Llama. From the repo "We plan to release the model weights by providing a version of delta weights that build on the original LLaMA weights, but we are still figuring out a proper way to do so." edit: Nevermind.

You will still probably need a way to get a hold of the original Llama weights (which isn't the hardest thing...)


wind_dude t1_jecct1i wrote

ahh, sorry, referring to the dataset pulled from shareGPT that was used for finetuning. Which shareGPT has disappeared since the media hype about google using it for BARD.


Yes, the llama weights are everywhere, including HF in converted form for hf transformers.