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inglandation t1_jecxwxl wrote

What happens when we run out of camelids to name those models?


Anjz t1_jedk8g5 wrote

I gave GPT-4 a task to name 5 novel camelids and it gave me:

Guanacorn - A playful name that combines "guanaco" with "unicorn," giving it a mythical and fantastical appeal.

Vicunimbus - A name inspired by "vicuña" and "nimbus," invoking the image of a camelid that roams among the clouds.

Zephyrella - A name that combines "zephyr" (a light wind) with "llama," suggesting a graceful and ethereal creature. Dromedazzle - A name that blends "dromedary" with "dazzle," evoking a sense of wonder and awe.

Moonvicuna - A name inspired by the moon, symbolizing the beauty and serenity of the night.

Alpacalypse - A playful and imaginative name that combines "alpaca" with "apocalypse," giving it a bold and adventurous vibe.

Personally, I like Alpacalypse.

Also, I think this will replace whoever makes Pokemon names.