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yehiaserag t1_jed4dee wrote

I'm lost, it says open-source... and I can't see any mentioning of the weights, a download link or a huggingface repo.

On the website it says "We plan to release the model weights by providing a version of delta weights that build on the original LLaMA"

Please no lora for that, lora is always associated with degraded inference quality.


anothererrta t1_jedvpu5 wrote

If you read the blog post, you will actually see the weights mentioned.


gliptic t1_jee0fbk wrote

Delta weights doesn't mean LoRA. It's just the difference (e.g. XOR) of their new weights and the original weights.


light24bulbs t1_jeeb9cx wrote

Nice way to get around the license problem.

Is Lora really associated with a quality loss? I thought it worked pretty well.


yehiaserag t1_jegqni6 wrote

There are lots of comparisons that show this, this is why ppl created alpaca native, to reach the quality described in the original paper