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👋 Hey all, we just launched ChatLLaMA. An experimental chatbot interface for interacting with variants of Facebook's LLaMa. Currently, we support the 7 billion parameter variant that was fine-tuned on the Alpaca dataset. This early version isn't as conversational as we'd like, but over the next week or so, we're planning on adding support for the 30 billion parameter variant, another variant fine-tuned on LAION's OpenAssistant dataset and more as we explore what this model is capable of.

If you want deploy your own instance is the model powering the chatbot and build something similar we've open sourced the Truss here:

We'd love to hear any feedback you have!

Check it out here



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Viacheslav_Varenia t1_jd91mou wrote

My first impressions.

  1. Chatllama gives an accurate answer based on data later than 2021. And that's its advantage over chatGPT.

  2. If you ask a general clarifying question, Chatllama loses the context and gives an irrelevant answer.


imgonnarelph OP t1_jd9m0pg wrote

Yeah, I mention this in the post but this variant of LLaMA isn't storing any of the conversation in memory so it doesn't have context on the prior questions. You're starting fresh with each prompt. We have some ideas for how to improve this though... more soon :)


Viacheslav_Varenia t1_jd8ytxg wrote

Great job. Been waiting a long time for someone to be able to deploy this model for testing. I'll give it a try now. I will watch for updates. Thanks.


APUsilicon t1_jdaui8z wrote

can we run this locally?


BreadSugar t1_jdbqq4d wrote

I love these chatbots especially for their cute portraits. lol


big_ol_tender t1_jdct16f wrote

I’d love to try this out but isn’t there an issue with licensing? OpenAI said you can’t use their model output to train competitors to chatgpt (which is total BS) and the alpaca dataset is all davinci output. I’m desperately trying to find some open source alternative that I can use for some experiments at work because I don’t want to give closedai any $.


Difficult_Bid_9828 t1_jddys16 wrote

I think this might be exactly what you're looking for


Electric-Gecko t1_je8rtly wrote

I am not a programmer, though I have managed to compile programs on Linux before. Is there any way for me to contribute to this without programming knowledge, or detailed knowledge on the working of this software. It's based on reinforcement learning, right? Will I be able to train it?