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I_will_delete_myself t1_jczvx4j wrote

That or just use the cloud until Nvidia releases a 48gb gpu (which will happen sooner than one would think. Games are getting limited by VRAM)


Educational-Net303 t1_jd03se1 wrote

What game is limited by vram? I haven't heard of any game running over 24gb unless it's Skyrim with a bunch of 8k mods


currentscurrents t1_jd0f76v wrote

I mean of course not, nobody would make such a game right now because there are no >24GB cards to run it on.


frownyface t1_jd6q1qi wrote

There was an insane age of PC gaming where hardware was moving so fast that game developers were releasing games with max-settings that didn't run on any current hardware to try to future proof themselves from having a game suddenly feeling obsolete shortly after launch.


I_will_delete_myself t1_jd04mia wrote

people are demanding more and more interactivity in their video games (look at the trend of open worlds). It’s only gonna get bigger.


Educational-Net303 t1_jd051kh wrote

Cyberpunk on max with psycho takes ~16gb max. It's gonna be a few years before we actually see games demanding more than 24.


I_will_delete_myself t1_jd05atn wrote

Now try that on 2-4 monitors. You would be surprised how premium gamers like their hardware. It’s like checking out sports cars but for nerds like me.


Educational-Net303 t1_jd05hmc wrote

Are we still taking consumer grade hardware or specialized GPU made for a niche crowd?


42gether t1_jd0juau wrote

Niche supercar gamers start up the industry which then will lead into realistic VR which will then lead into consumer high quality stuff?


Educational-Net303 t1_jd0k6p6 wrote

Which takes years


42gether t1_jd2rfb6 wrote

Okay, thank you for your input.


Newsflash everything we did started because some cunt felt like growing lungs and wanting oxygen from the air.

It all takes time, what are you trying to argue?


Educational-Net303 t1_jd2rsax wrote

My whole point is that it will take years before we get to 48GB vram consumer GPUs. You just proved my point again without even reading it.