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pier4r t1_jd0pf1x wrote

> 128Gb of Uniform RAM which can be used by CPU, GPU or Neural Engine.

But it doesn't have the same bandwidth as the VRAM on the GPU card iirc.

Otherwise every integrated GPGPU would be better due to available ram.

The neural engine on M1 and M2 is usable IIRC only with apple libraries, that may not be used by notable models yet.


currentscurrents t1_jd10ab5 wrote

Llamma.cpp uses the neural engine, so does StableDiffusion. And the speed is not that far off from VRAM, actually.

>Memory bandwidth is increased to 800GB/s, more than 10x the latest PC desktop chip, and M1 Ultra can be configured with 128GB of unified memory.

By comparison, the Nvidia 4090 is clocking in at ~1000GB/s

Apple is clearly positioning their devices for AI.


pier4r t1_jd39md4 wrote

> Llamma.cpp uses the neural engine

I am trying to find confirmation for this but I didn't. I saw some ports, but weren't from the LLaMa team. Do you have any source?