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cegras t1_je0g90p wrote

How does the AI perform any better than a Google search? I'd say the AI is even more dangerous as it gives a single, authoritative sounding answer that you have to go to Google and secondary sources to verify anyways!


WarmSignificance1 t1_je1pdz9 wrote

I think that ChatGPT has shown how bad so many people are at Googling. And granted, sometimes ChatGPT is just far superior.

But when people say things like "I can ask it how to use a library and it's made me 10x faster over using Google", it just blows my mind. I can usually find the official docs and figure out how to use a library in about the same time as ChatGPT can tell me, without the risk of errors.


AquaBadger t1_je2c68z wrote

to be fair, google has gotten slower to find useful information due to the mass of ads and bought results clogging up searches now. But yes, google is still faster than chatgpt and if cleaned up would be even better


polygon_primitive t1_je0x04y wrote

For finding answers it's about the same as Google, sometimes better if you then verify the result with external sources, but that's mainly because Google has so badly corrupted their core search product while chasing profit. It's been pretty useful for me for doing the grunt work writing boiler plate code and refactoring stuff tho


currentscurrents t1_je14pi5 wrote

Clearly, the accuracy is going to have to get better before it can replace Google. It's pretty accurate when it knows what it's talking about, but if you go "out of bounds" the accuracy drops off a cliff without warning.

But the upside is that it can integrate information from multiple sources and you can interactively ask it questions. Google can't do that.


SWESWESWEh t1_je33t7z wrote

I've had a lot more luck solving novel coding problems with the GPT-4 version of chatGPT then Google. If you stick to older tech and libraries like Java and Spring that have been around forever, it's really good at solving fairly difficult problems if you just keep providing context. With Google, it's basically has someone done this exact thing on SO and gotten an answer, if not oh well