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How does the government ethically and morally use artificial intelligence for decision-making? I don’t understand where they can even use it other than automating immigration, but it’s still very risky because the data that can be worked with is very low.



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iamsunnycoast t1_ir5ovnk wrote

> Government

> Ethically and morally



Beaster123 t1_ir5vjq6 wrote

"other than automating immigration" lol wut

Listen, people have been using machine learning to help make decisions ever since it was invented because THAT'S WHAT IT'S FOR.


thedabking123 t1_ir6b31z wrote

Okay there's a lot to unpack here and I'm assuming you're new to the field given the way you formed your question.

Are you asking about usecases for AI in government? If so there are many thousands of ways it could be used. From surveillance of cities for crimes, to tax fraud detection.

Are you asking about frameworks for determining if a particular usecase is ethical, fair, transparent etc.? There are many emerging frameworks around explainability, interpretability, fairness etc.

Are you asking how effective the frameworks for determining fairness, transparency, etc. are in evaluating each usecase? Well that's a much deeper question, and is still something everyone is exploring.