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MohamedRashad OP t1_irvmz2q wrote

But in this case, I will need to train image captioning model on text-to-image data and hope that it will provide me with the correct prompt to recreate the image using the text-to-image model.

I think a better solution is to use the backward propagation in text-to-image models to get the prompt that made the image (an inverse state or something like it).


KlutzyLeadership3652 t1_irwt908 wrote

Don't know how feasible this would be for you but you could create a surrogate model that learns image-to-text. Use your original text-to-image model to generate images given text (open caption generation datasets can give you good examples of captions), and the surrogate model trains to generate the text/caption back. This would be model centric so don't need to worry about many2many issue mentioned above.

This can be made more robust than a backward propagation approach.