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theRealGrahamDorsey t1_isv1521 wrote

I can't for the life of me understand why us muggles participate in this shit.

  • having python muscle memory and doing stupid tasks quickly is not equivalent to problem solving potential for the same reason why being great at spelling bee does not equate to being the next Hemingway.

  • There is no such thing as solving a real world problem in under 30 mins. Absolutely dead stupid idea. Expecting candidates to do a 96%+ in under 30 min is a clear insight the employers exists totally in their own butho. No matter how economically successful they are or they promise to make you they are not worth it.

  • Also, none of us here are in THE 3% group. The folks in this group, you probably know them by name. They are usually dead people that publish papers from the grave and linger in old science and math text-books. Even if you were among the 3%, I bet you can't score that high in such a stupid assessment consistently.

  • AND NO, this is not a learning experience. You just wasted your time and effort playing some fools game. TWICE!!!!

We all better than this, lets stop wasting our life and talent leetcoding and getting banged by a bunch total ass wipes.


Prestigious_Army5547 t1_iswl3lk wrote

Just lazy ass interviewers who like to throw the same question at everyone instead of actually trying to decipher their technical skill by talking to them about their past projects. Asking good valuable questions about their resume means the interviewer needs to do some research about the past projects prior to the interview which companies don't like to do.