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idrajitsc t1_ith7tyr wrote

It means to be consistent with, essentially they designed their system to be compatible with cuDNN. That usage is grammatically correct, but it'd be very uncommon for a modern native English speaker to phrase it that way.


Confused_Electron OP t1_ith85tq wrote

Can you point me to a source, a dictionary maybe, that shows the phrase?


idrajitsc t1_ith8ogn wrote


malenkydroog t1_ithax0f wrote

Huh, native english speaker here (American). I was completely unaware of the 4th usage in your link - I can't say I've ever heard it used that way. Learned something new!


idrajitsc t1_ithe8pk wrote

Yeah non-native speakers can expose you to some fun quirks of English, either because they learned it more formally or because it's analogous to something in their first language. 'Obtain' as an intransitive verb is another one that non-native speaker academics like and native speakers never use.