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ptillet t1_ittr7rx wrote

As the creator/maintainer of Triton, I find this very exciting! Thanks for putting in all that work, and sorry for all the bugs you may have faced along the way -- we are working hard on re-designing the whole thing to make it more stable in the long run!

>On a more personal note, I enjoyed much more writing kernels andunderstanding low level computation of transformers than masteringmultiple complicated tools API and their environments.

This is exactly why I started the project in the first place, and it is very rewarding to read this. Really glad that this project has helped people gain a deeper understanding of how neural networks computations get parallelized for execution on GPUs. :-)


pommedeterresautee OP t1_ittsubj wrote

Thank you a lot for *your* work and your message :-)

Regarding the bugs, for now they have been mostly workable, we follow with lots of excitement the MLIR rewriting and try to prepare ourselves.

I am really wondering what will happen to the ML community when Pytorch will release TorchDynamo / Inductor and so many people will start using Triton in their day to day work. Then tens of thousands of people or more with different backgrounds may start writing kernels...

As they say, what a time to be alive!


ginsunuva t1_ittv3ew wrote

So now we have TensorRT on the Triton inference server, and Triton on the Kernl inference server


pommedeterresautee OP t1_ittvxdq wrote

We are actively looking for new names that could make things even more confusing.

If you have some ideas, please share them with us 🙃