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jshkk OP t1_itx9xek wrote

I've still got a Pro subscription that needs to time out to see what it's like without it, but doesn't it still use compute units if there's no GPU? And wouldn't users still need to buy a first set of them if so?


iPlayWithWords13 t1_itxahqy wrote

So I was just tutoring some kids for the first time today and we tried out colab. I signed in with my Gmail account (no credit card info attached to it) and we were able to start coding immediately so I'd assume the free tier is fine. We were doing a computer vision project as well, so computationally, it wasn't nothing.


jshkk OP t1_itxarm7 wrote

That's good to know! My guess is then that it just becomes a "resources aren't guaranteed" thing? That's... tricky if so since you wouldn't want a student getting stuck mid day colab not serving up another/longer session. Curious if anyone knows more on that?


iPlayWithWords13 t1_itxazd6 wrote

That was my understanding of it. I can't imagine you'd ever run into a resource issue though unless you were running some intense models. I'd imagine there's more info out there on the limitations though.