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s1me007 t1_ivz48d2 wrote

Meta is crashing because Apple fucked them


mxby7e t1_ivz9zsz wrote

Meta is crashing because of C level hubris and the belief that they could be the central point of all social interaction online and in the metaverse. They've been making poor decisions internally for years and its catching up to them.


s1me007 t1_ivzcsm0 wrote

They’re crashing because they got fucked by Apple on targeted ads (their cash cow). They put themselves in a position to get fucked by Apple because so far they failed to become an OS/hardware company.

Why do you think they’re pushing for VR? To push the adoption of Oculus headsets. They failed with the Facebook Phone so now they’re thinking : whats the successor of smartphones ? VR headsets. It’s why Microsoft is betting on it as well

It’s a rational decision. Execution is another issue though


Sad_Art6281 t1_ivz9s0h wrote

how so?


s1me007 t1_ivzaaxg wrote

They stopped Facebook from tracking users on iPhones. Basically making their targeted ads on iPhones (most of their revenue) shitty. Apple is selling this as a privacy measure, but we all know they’re gonna start doing targeted ads themselves


bumbo-pa t1_ivzqqux wrote

privacy-conscious targeted ads. iAds.