Submitted by deepestdescent t3_z4oxq5 in MachineLearning

I like the shap library, but it looks like it isn’t being actively maintained any more. The last merged PR was back in June and the issue tracker is inundated with issues that haven’t received any responses. It’s a bit buggy in places and it generates a ton of warning messages. Does anyone have any alternative recommendations?



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Hydreigon92 t1_ixs6lui wrote

Maybe InterpretML? It's developed and maintained by Microsoft Research and consolidates a lot of different explainability methods, including SHAP, into a consistent API.


deepestdescent OP t1_ixs7uig wrote

Thank you for that. Does it use the shap library under the hood, or does it have its own implementation for computing Shapley values? If it is using the shap, then I wouldn’t really call this an alternative as it is using the same unmaintained backend.


deepestdescent OP t1_ixsnb2v wrote

Yep so InterpretML does use the unmaintained shap library unfortunately. Looks like the author of shap works for Microsoft though so maybe he also works on InterpretML? I just don’t understand why shap isn’t being actively maintained since so many projects rely on it.


memberjan6 t1_ixv9h74 wrote

You might actually be the best candidate to begin to maintain shap.


ckatem t1_ixsltuy wrote

I’m guessing since the creator graduated and went to work at Microsoft he can’t maintain it anymore. Follow Patrick Hall for up to date ML interpretability packages and news.


deepestdescent OP t1_ixsnjio wrote

It would be good if Microsoft could give him time to maintain shap. It’s such an important resource for the ML community.


memberjan6 t1_ixv9m1j wrote

Why not add whatever fix you need to it yourself?


deepestdescent OP t1_ixvz5mi wrote

I can’t really help the current shap project if the PR never gets looked at. In fact, most of the issues I want fixed already have open PRs associated with them. I may look into starting my own fork, but I just wanted to see whether the community had moved on to some other library.


deepestdescent OP t1_ixwbq8p wrote

After seeing these comments, I decided to start a fork of shap here. I want to ensure this fork avoids becoming the responsibility of a sole maintainer. Please let me know if you would like to help maintain this vital package for the ML community or join the first discussion here.


-xylon t1_ixtxq82 wrote

It's in the spirit of open source to contribute to packages you care about. Just saying


deepestdescent OP t1_ixtzv44 wrote

I agree, but it’s pretty hard to contribute if issues and PRs never get looked at. I’m considering making a fork of shap. I just wanted to check whether people had moved on to some other library. From the comments, it appears not.


XYcritic t1_iy36l16 wrote

You can't contribute if noone merges PRs and manages the project.


nicolas-gervais t1_ixsdlgf wrote

Eli5, treeinterpreter


deepestdescent OP t1_ixsfp64 wrote

I’ll look into ELI5. Treeinterpreter isn’t really general enough for me. I like that shap can work with any model.


deepestdescent OP t1_ixsms55 wrote

Actually ELI5 is no good for me either. Hasn’t been updated for years.


DigThatData t1_ixsggx9 wrote


deepestdescent OP t1_ixsmhl9 wrote

Other than captum, all of those libraries rely on the unmaintained shap library.


DigThatData t1_ixswsat wrote

lol whoops. did you create issues on those project to let them know they're depending on an unmaintained repo?


BuzzLightr t1_ixuctgb wrote

I started playing with captum a couple of days ago.. Seems ok, but Iv only used it with pytorch..


WERE_CAT t1_ixslim3 wrote

Lgbm has native shap support.


deepestdescent OP t1_ixsmv55 wrote

I want a general black box library like shap. Lgbm is tied to gradient boosted trees.