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sam__izdat t1_iy6o4z0 wrote

  1. They had 4,000 A100s chewing on it, toward the end. I think it's 5,000 now. You can probably do the math from the info in the model card to figure out how much that is in power bills.

  2. It's licensed under RAIL-M. It is questionable whether this licensing has any legal basis because it's unclear whether models themselves are copyrightable. They allow permissive sublicensing with their inference code. You'll have to look at the wording of the license to see how this is reconciled with RAIL-M's usage-based restrictions.

  3. Yes. You can finetune it cheaply and pretty quickly (maybe an hour or two or even less, depending on GPU and settings) with DreamBooth. Retraining a general-purpose model from scratch is probably out of the reach of most people. There is some code available for training from scratch, though, and a special-purpose model might be doable without millions in resources. I think there's been one or two of those, if I'm not mistaken.