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VirtualHat t1_j45faub wrote

Genetic algorithms are a type of evolutionary algorithm, which are themselves a part of AI. Have a look at the wiki page.

I think I can see your point though. The term AI is used quite differently in research than in the popular meaning. We sometimes joke that the cultural definition of AI is "everything that can't yet be done with a computer" :)

This is a bit of a running joke in the field. Chess was AI, until we solved it, then it wasn't. Asking a computer random questions and getting an answer Star Trek style was AI until Google then it was just 'searching the internet'. The list goes on...


deustrader t1_j46zi5j wrote

I guess I would be concerned with claiming that evolutionary algorithms are AI, because that’s not how most people understand the current AI. And right now pretty much everything is being advertised as AI for marketing purposes, without being able to distinguish one solution from another. But you’ve made a good point.