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Skirlaxx t1_j45kzue wrote

I think AI is the general term that machine learning falls to. For example minimax is AI but it has nothing to do with machine learning.


cruddybanana1102 t1_j4asit0 wrote

I mean Generative Adversarial Netwroks do engage in minimax optimization, and produxe deepfakes. I don't think anybody agrees that GANs have nothing to do machine learning.


Skirlaxx t1_j4b3du6 wrote

I meant the minimax algorithm. Like the one for tic tac toe.


Skirlaxx t1_j4b3jou wrote

That just looks in the game tree and finds the highest score. What does that have to do with machine learning?


idontcareaboutthenam t1_j4bwkn3 wrote

It's not machine learning, it's and example of classic AI. One of the first search algorithms for game trees. Even modern systems for chess such as Stockfish follow the same idea. They work on advanced versions of the alpha-beta algorithm which an advanced version of the minimax algorithm.


Skirlaxx t1_j4c8dta wrote

I know how it works! That was my whole argument. But thanks though 🤣