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l_dang t1_j4635pc wrote

ermm... you got it in reverse. AI is a sub-field of Machine Learning, which in itself is a sub-field of Statistical Learning. For example, linear regression is generally not consider AI but it's most definitely the corner stone of ML/SL


sabertoothedhedgehog t1_j4660hr wrote

To me, a linear regression is part of Machine Learning, and, thus, part of the broader vision of AI. Even though linear regressions are old statistical models and probably existed long before the term ML.The linear regression algorithm is learning from data (i.e. improves the line fitting after observing more data. hence, it is ML in my book) -- it just has a very limited hypothesis space. It will only ever fit a straight line (or hyperplane, in the general case). It is not a general learner like a Deep Neural Network which can approximate any function.


xepherys t1_j463s2u wrote

“Machine learning is one of the most exciting recent technologies in Artificial Intelligence.”

Linear regression is used in ML, but it is neither ML not AI. LR is a statistical model. That’s like saying some equation is used in calculus, but “not in math” so calculus isn’t a subset of mathematics.

Sorry bud, but you definitely have it reversed.