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oldkottor t1_j4aqp07 wrote

Having a training set is luxury. On my last job I encountered a lot of cases where people just expected to built a magic thing from unlabeled or yet ungathered data.


AImSamy OP t1_j4ardve wrote

I work in a consulting firm doing machine learning projects for other companies that don't know much about ML... I feel you so much !


yldedly t1_j4asn14 wrote

In my job, I solve almost everything with pre-trained model + a few hours of labeling + active learning.


AImSamy OP t1_j4asv88 wrote

And what do you use for deployment and making your models usable ?


yldedly t1_j4atech wrote

So far, mlflow + docker + torchserve has been enough. Soon I'll have to implement training, active learning and maintenance in the cloud as well, which will probably require more tools.


[deleted] t1_j4asz0x wrote

Honestly I almost always use pretrained models as the initial state and train on top of it. Has worked wonders in accuracy