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blueSGL t1_j9gutu0 wrote

> Why not just write the 5-10lines of code?

In order to write 5-10 lines of code, you need to know how to code.

I know how to code, if I can avoid writing more code than needed I do.


limpbizkit4prez t1_j9h3nbm wrote

If you don't know how to code, then regardless of how you interface it's going to be difficult to execute. If you do know how to code, then you'll probably want better encapsulation. I guess what I'm most curious about is if those code examples they give in their paper are able to be ran, like are those libraries that easy to use


sam__izdat t1_j9imyry wrote

I have never seen it generate any code that is correct-in-principle, let alone usable, for any non-trivial problem. It may be useful as a kind of impressionist painting of a solution, for those who are already programmers. And for trivial code, you'd frankly be better off just learning to code.

In other words, I don't really see this being remotely useful to someone who doesn't know how to code. If anything, the barrier to entry is higher, because you will need to debug extremely unusable but convincing-looking programs. It's at best a hint or a template and at worst a hinderance.