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sam__izdat t1_j9ni8rd wrote

> They're still AI-assisted

the USCO has (correctly) repeatedly rejected copyright for the raw output of image generators, where you asked the computer to paint you a pretty picture

the parallels with photography are tenuous at best, and it's not about effort but rather the total absence of creative involvement -- it's less photography and more "I found this on google image search" except your database is the model's latent space

it is a good thing that they elected to forego a radical expansion of the already nightmarish, bloated IP regime, where being first-to-access would have granted users (not artists) a blackstonian property right to the results of a text query

i don't need whoever's hoarding the most compute to mine the commons and automatically pump out self-generating, legally-enforceable NFTs, at an industrial scale, in perpetuity... the world has enough parasites as it is, without a new clan of digital landlords, thank you