Submitted by AnchoriteCenobite t3_120khzs in Maine

I'm a woman who wears a size 16/18 and trying to find a set of chest waders or similar gear that will protect me and keep me dry as I explore some wetlands areas. Everything I'm finding that claims to be unisex is really made for men's proportions, meaning if it's wide enough for my hips then it's also way too long in the legs, the stockingfeet are too large to fit in my boots, etc. I'd be willing to fork over extra cash for something quality that actually fits, whether from a local retailer or online. Any suggestions?

Also just interested in companies/brands that might offer more options in outdoor clothing and gear in general (including winter stuff) for plus size women. I just moved back here after 20 years and trying to get outfitted is challenging.



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OurWhoresAreClean t1_jdhse0d wrote

Probably the obvious answer, but: LLBean has had an inclusive sizing initiative that they've been pushing for the last year or so. I'm not sure how many of their product lines this applies to, but it might be worth looking into.


AnchoriteCenobite OP t1_jdhyn2i wrote

Thanks, I had initially disregarded them because sizes only ran up to XL but I see their XL is a generous 18-20 so that might work!


JuniperTwig t1_jdux6vp wrote

Seems that way. Llbean now has sizes for me where they had not. EMS is the worst


indyaj t1_jdidlvm wrote

Orvis and Patagonia have flyfishing gear for large and small women. Outdoor Research doesn't have flyfishing gear but they have plus size winter gear and some on sale right now.


AnchoriteCenobite OP t1_jdjabo4 wrote

Wow, Orvis has options for plus size AND petite at the same time, virtually unheard of. Will probably try them.


TQA-1015 t1_jdi9v91 wrote

I have the same problem as a petite woman. Unisex gear never fits right, and if I'm lucky enough to find something in a ladies size, it's poor quality and only available in pink, peach, or lavender.


AnchoriteCenobite OP t1_jdj8hcn wrote

Yes don't get me started on the colors! Especially strange to see it in sporting gear, like even if you want to be out mucking about or shooting stuff you're still supposed to want to look girly.


pamgun t1_jdkhupb wrote

L.L. Bean really does women's plus sizes well. I have been impressed.


Henbogle t1_jdm5gbf wrote

REI has some great plus size gear.


smileyface128 t1_jdt9h8l wrote

I like the Duluth women's clothing line, especially leggings for outdoors