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Blue_Eyed_ME t1_jdvro9r wrote

My sad syrup story... Years ago my sister brought home a boyfriend (her date for a family member's wedding), and while the rest of us were sleeping, he cracked open EVERY mini syrup jug (10) from our maple Sunday excursions and stuck his fingers in them and licked them off to "try all the different types." Disgusting.


BracedRhombus t1_jdw1gd9 wrote

What was going through his mind? Did you take him out to the woodshed?

What a revolting thing to do!


Soccermom233 t1_jdwia3j wrote

I have a sad Maple story -

My highschool girlfriends Mom me a quart of maple syrup for Xmas.

A few months later I was looking for it in the fridge and couldn't find it, so I asked my parents where it was and my dad said "I threw that disgusting shit away."

He thinks real syrup is pancake syrup and hates maple syrup.


hike_me t1_jdybts1 wrote

There is something wrong with your dad.


Soccermom233 t1_jdzv1vk wrote

Follow-up story:

Used to work on an organic farm. My parents came to visit and the farm had a supper/potluck for employees, friends and family. My dad refused to eat anything there and after he left he immediately went to McDonald's.


hike_me t1_jdzw06z wrote

My brother in law used to be like that. He claimed he “didn’t like organic food”.

Dude, it’s a fucking carrot. If I didn’t tell you it was organic then you’d eat it without complaint.


Candygramformrmongo t1_jdw79vj wrote

He should have been stripped, staked to the ground, covered in syrup and left for the bears.


eljefino t1_jdxeeax wrote

I had a friend come over, drench his pancakes with my genuine syrup, then he left several tablespoons on the plate. He didn't even lick it up, just put it all in the sink.


Weird-Status-287 t1_jdxzoaw wrote

The deepest level of hell is full of bottle finger licking double dipper assholes


hjboots t1_jdw75xb wrote

The honor system 100% approves of bringing $3 later.


tenfootturd t1_jdx9kgj wrote

I know someone who sells camp wood and has had people come back with the money they shorted him.


kintokae t1_jdy2ajs wrote

There is a local sugar shack in my town that does a big maple weekend, then honor system the rest of the year. They leave a crate of their syrup on the porch and a jar. I have tried others in my town and his is by far the best.

He charges $18/qt, but whenever I go get some, I just leave a $20.


TheDiceMan2 t1_jdvo45c wrote

i would feel awkward in the interim, but i would pay what i could now, and come back with the rest later. happened just the other day at the pot store. i came up $2 short and the guy was like “don’t worry about it” and proceeded to take it out of his tip jar. i died a little inside but he was really cool about it. a week later i came back in and gave him the $2 and tipped some extra on top of that for the kindness. he really appreciated it. i think that would have been completely acceptable here, too


BorisGrishenko1985 t1_jdv0j4o wrote

Where are you located, if you don't mind saying? I'll come by a jug and give you the $3 they stiffed you on.


woodsey262 t1_jdv2s1s wrote

I think you misunderstood - OP is the buyer but he didn’t have enough money so couldn’t get any of that sweet maple syrup


BorisGrishenko1985 t1_jdv69fe wrote

I think you are correct and my perspective was that they were the sellers. It’s more clear to me now. 👍


TheRevMrGreen t1_jdvip4z wrote

We are reddit. We can gofundme that $3. Everyone deserves the real stuff on their pancakes.


undertow521 t1_jdwd4yj wrote

>Everyone deserves the real stuff on their pancakes.

Unpopular opinion: I don't even like the real stuff! It's too watery and absorbs into the pancake. I prefer the thick, fake, corn syrupy stuff.

So someone is welcome to my share of deservedness.


JqD2_ OP t1_jdv0wbi wrote

I don’t think got stiffed. I only had the 17 bucks in cash and the wheelbarrow didn’t have a card reader. Next time.


BorisGrishenko1985 t1_jdv1ctj wrote

O, ok. If you're happy with the $17 instead of the $20 then never mind. I figured you were posting because you were disappointed someone shorted you $3. A card reader would prob be beneficial as cash no longer seems to be king. I hope you had a good haul this season!


unknownusername77 t1_jdv2ptu wrote

I think OP was short $3 to purchase the syrup.


ambert34 t1_jdv4beh wrote

I think it's confusing people because, what is the purpose of this post? Just to show people OP was $3 short buying syrup? Ok...? Sucks they don't have a card reader though. Not trying to sound rude, just seems like a pointless post?


unknownusername77 t1_jdv4pq0 wrote

It could subtly be expressing the effects of inflation on Maines Maple Consumers. Shot in the dark.


ambert34 t1_jdv4zl1 wrote

OK, yeah see if OP had said something like, used to be only $17 and now is $20, I can see the purpose but reading OPs comment, sounds like they were just showing they didn't have enough to buy it. Didn't say anything about it going up in price.


Nithuir t1_jdv518v wrote

A venmo/cashapp tag would also be useful, I've seen lots of stands that use that method.


Armigine t1_jdvzicq wrote

this is a better idea than a card reader, both cheaper to set up and operate, plus unlike a card reader it's really hard to hijack. A bad actor can put a skimmer on an unattended credit card reader in like a minute


busback t1_jdvs6wh wrote

WTF is up with the downvotes in this thread?

also who would put in the effort to set up a card reader that sits outside in the snow? u less you mean a laminated QR code that takes you to a paypal account


Chimpbot t1_jdwg83d wrote

OP was attempting to purchase maple syrup, and only had $17. No one got stiffed or shorted; they just didn't have enough to cover the asking price of $20.


_Face t1_jdy1dzd wrote

I too, thought same as you.


Jim_from_snowy_river t1_jdv5v5u wrote

Dang that's pretty expensive compared to what a quart of homemade syrup sells for in some states south of you.


yawnfactory t1_jdve43z wrote

It's been a really bad year for Maple Syrup in Maine. That may have affected the prices.


xach t1_jdvuxke wrote

Not around here. Near perfect conditions for three weeks in a row. And another good week ahead. I’m in northern Washington county. I have 20 taps and haven’t been too aggressive and I’ve gotten 9 quarts so far.


yawnfactory t1_jdw1wow wrote

Fair, I suppose I should clarify that it's been a bad syrup year in southern Maine.


Gunnersandgreen t1_jdv9ie4 wrote

Guy I work with sells his for 20. I'm happy to pay it and support him.


Jim_from_snowy_river t1_jdv5wvs wrote

We sell ours for 12 to 15 bucks a quart


yupuhoh t1_jdvdowq wrote

Been there. Got the syrup anyways. Next time going through I'd throw a 5 in it to make up for it


J0N3K4T t1_jdv79co wrote

You gotta go in HEAVY with the maple mafia brah!!!


Expert_Drama9374 t1_jdvckk2 wrote

My Husband and I bought some Syrup from 207 Tappers in Biddeford this past weekend. Yum.


EasternMaine t1_jdx46l2 wrote

Grandfather started doing this as a hobby to give as gifts. He only got 5 gallons this year after refining it but he thinks that with more taps he will do closer to 15 next year. I honestly don't know how much of the stuff people consume but he should have enough to supply family i hope.


Refrigeratedsnake t1_jdwftt7 wrote

It’s not like it was stolen they were a little short. Very close as well.


ShireSkiBum t1_jdwfxl5 wrote

You should have offered to work the stand for half an hour.


Competitive-End-1435 t1_jdwwtu5 wrote

This is my first year here in this state and I just bought some syrup. It’s absolutely amazing 🙏


VA-deadhead t1_jdxzxvg wrote

Find the address and mail them $3


aakaase t1_jdzbvx7 wrote

They should leave Apple Pay or Venmo info on that sign... who carries cash anymore


Haitsmelol t1_jdzv3ht wrote

Are people tapping their own maple trees in Maine?


cellofellow132 t1_jdyd12k wrote

Dam where are they charging $20?? We were out in central maine yesterday, saw 12 -15. 20 seems high!


Refrigeratedsnake t1_jdwfxza wrote

And if you’re so worried about it make sure you interact with your customers.


mydogcecil t1_jduyw6p wrote

Is that 10 counterfeit?


RandyCheeseburgers01 t1_jdv5k61 wrote

I'm guessing you're one of them youngins who doesn't use paper money anymore? Looks like a regular $10 spot to me. Why would you think it's counterfeit?