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Blue_Eyed_ME t1_jdvro9r wrote

My sad syrup story... Years ago my sister brought home a boyfriend (her date for a family member's wedding), and while the rest of us were sleeping, he cracked open EVERY mini syrup jug (10) from our maple Sunday excursions and stuck his fingers in them and licked them off to "try all the different types." Disgusting.


BracedRhombus t1_jdw1gd9 wrote

What was going through his mind? Did you take him out to the woodshed?

What a revolting thing to do!


Soccermom233 t1_jdwia3j wrote

I have a sad Maple story -

My highschool girlfriends Mom me a quart of maple syrup for Xmas.

A few months later I was looking for it in the fridge and couldn't find it, so I asked my parents where it was and my dad said "I threw that disgusting shit away."

He thinks real syrup is pancake syrup and hates maple syrup.


hike_me t1_jdybts1 wrote

There is something wrong with your dad.


Soccermom233 t1_jdzv1vk wrote

Follow-up story:

Used to work on an organic farm. My parents came to visit and the farm had a supper/potluck for employees, friends and family. My dad refused to eat anything there and after he left he immediately went to McDonald's.


hike_me t1_jdzw06z wrote

My brother in law used to be like that. He claimed he “didn’t like organic food”.

Dude, it’s a fucking carrot. If I didn’t tell you it was organic then you’d eat it without complaint.


Candygramformrmongo t1_jdw79vj wrote

He should have been stripped, staked to the ground, covered in syrup and left for the bears.


eljefino t1_jdxeeax wrote

I had a friend come over, drench his pancakes with my genuine syrup, then he left several tablespoons on the plate. He didn't even lick it up, just put it all in the sink.


Weird-Status-287 t1_jdxzoaw wrote

The deepest level of hell is full of bottle finger licking double dipper assholes