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My car has been uninspected for a few months (financial issues). I need to go to Portland for an appointment and my taxes aren’t coming in til after I have to go down. I need new tires to pass inspection, but cannot get them until my tax returns come in. My question, what are the legal consequences for this (aside from fines)? Only issue stopping inspection is the tires.



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OkamiGoddess23 OP t1_jdp243l wrote

They’re not that bad, they’re just under the passing level for inspection.


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OkamiGoddess23 OP t1_jdp35e8 wrote

Wouldn’t that get me in more trouble to not have a sticker at all?


AbrasiveDad t1_jdp5q9n wrote

No. The penalty is the same. If you get pulled over I would recommend being extra polite and apologetic. Do not play dumb! Tell them you can't afford the repairs yet. They will likely ask what it needs and tell them if you know. Be very pleasant.

Source: I used to play that game every year when inspection would run out. It's not a game you should play but I had been pulled over as many as 5 times in a couple months for no sticker without a ticket (it was never more than exhaust, tires, cracked windshield, etc.


Negative-Cockroach34 t1_jdp3uzb wrote

Make an inspection appointment for sometime in the future when you think you can get it. Carry written proof of it with you and tell them the story?


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Toss some snow over that bad chicken and head on out!!


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You should go to a “sticker station” and get an inspection even if you know you will fail if you at least have a recent document showing you attempted and then say you need to make an appointment to get it fixed or get an actual appointment for as far out as you can so when you do get pulled over you at least have that and may be able to avoid a ticket. If your registration was not current over 6 months maine can tow car and arrest you…. Are your plates/registration current at least? Are you insured? Those two things are a must.


OkamiGoddess23 OP t1_jdpojdl wrote

Registered and insured, it’ll only be three months expired when I go. I’ll try to make an appointment in the morning


Frequent-Mail8262 t1_jdppane wrote

Not sure where you are located but these two places here in Maine do Free Maine State inspections so you can save the fee. Small fee perhaps but adds up.

Try Dan The Man No Credit Tire Financing and find someone to put on and mount for you.

Happy to look up more local To you places if needed.


smokinLobstah t1_jdqjbkp wrote

Make an appointment with a garage for a sticker. Make it a few weeks out, maybe even a month.

Keep the number handy so that if you get stopped you can apologize, and explain that you have an appt, but the soonest they could get you in is ....


EgoBruisers t1_jdqka7k wrote

I haven’t had an inspection sticker in at least fifteen years. You’ll be fine


lakeside20233 t1_jdr99tn wrote

Wow, you must be very lucky! Lol


TitleExciting5397 t1_jeaw6pz wrote

I went 3.5 years without inspection parking in Portland all day every. Finally go it inspected but never had a ticket or nothing.


Breakertorque207 t1_jdr4o2x wrote

I drove without registration for over 6 months solely because I’m a dummy and the pandemic. Never got stopped once and I drove all over the state for work and registration is worse to be without. A GC friend of mine was like “hey you gonna register your truck”? I was like the hell you talking about it is. It totally wasn’t. I registered my wife’s truck and completely forgot about mine. I wouldn’t sweat the sticker that hard. Most of the police are more than likely to give a warning anyway. They get it. Trust me. I served with a lot of them in the guard. Just don’t be a dink to them.


Metal_Worldly t1_jdqq6rn wrote

Police are lied to every day all day. Be honest and just explain what the situation is. Most likely, if everything else is fine, they will understand and tell you to get it taken care of soon. I got pulled over with noninspection and reg out of date. Said get it taken care of and no ticket. They have better things to do. Good luck


benevolentmaster111 t1_jdp57c9 wrote

It's just a ticket. I was once pulled over with no sticker, no registration, and no insurance. He wrote me a ticket for the sticker and registration and let me walk on the insurance and I drove away.


pmc8383 t1_jdp9enh wrote

I’ve gone several months with an expired sticker with no issues, but I work from home so my time on the road was mostly nights and weekends…expired reg is a bigger deal I would believe if pulled over.


awkwardlyamusing t1_jdyl7kc wrote

I literally have not had an inspection sticker in years. Been pulled over twice and both times the sticker was not even mentioned.


5MART13TT t1_jdp18g4 wrote

What size tires do you need?


OkamiGoddess23 OP t1_jdp1wu8 wrote

I’m not certain, I don’t know much about cars. I have a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Sport if that helps.


eljefino t1_jdp6elr wrote

It's printed right on the side of the tire, and on a sticker in your door jamb. Someone might have a lead on some tires on sale.

The chain stores may also have a credit card with a 29% interest rate, if you're getting tax money in a month it won't sting too badly especially if you catch a sale.

If you're driving on bald tires and get in a wreck, you can get sued. Your insurance will pay for it but they won't like you so well after that and raise your rates in retribution.


Slmmnslmn t1_jdpf09l wrote

Does insurance stay valid even if car is uninspected?


Frequent-Mail8262 t1_jdpo1at wrote

The vehicle has to be insured to be registered. vehicle has to be registered to get inspection sticker.


Typical-Obligation94 t1_jdp1fcx wrote

I don't believe they are pulling people over for inspections, but will get you for it if they have you pulled over for another infraction. So don't drive like a fool and you should slip by.


StonedDad84 t1_jdp2s3m wrote

I've was pulled over twice last year alone for a bad sticker and I only drove a mile to work on non major roads. I drove the speed limit and obeyed all laws and was still pulled over.


siebzy t1_jdpon5d wrote

You're full of shit lol. You were pulled over for something else.


StonedDad84 t1_jdqouoa wrote

Nope. Had a cop whip around because of inspection. But thanks for calling me a liar when you know nothing


OkamiGoddess23 OP t1_jdp20ys wrote

I’ve only been pulled over once in my eight years of driving, and that was for a busted headlight the day before my appointment, so hopefully I’ll be okay


CutesySkull t1_jdp6nqm wrote

Yeah I drove around for a month without plates and never got pulled over, bright car and saw tons of cops