Submitted by notawight t3_1221fm1 in Maine

...from the back cove sewer project, yet?

Gotta be pushing three years and I don't see many changes. Must have more money that needs laundering.

Half kidding. Wth is going on with that project though?



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Nicholas_K_516 t1_jdp483b wrote

Construction industry insider here. Sargent has had major problems I have heard, no details. All I know is that they are far behind schedule due to some unforeseen issue. Companies usually don’t share why they are behind on a project with other companies so unfortunately I don’t have the full details. My company does not work with Sargent at all so our relationship with them is limited.


notawight OP t1_jdp5nya wrote

Thanks. Such a highly visible project that just doesn't seem to move.


Guygan t1_jdodpms wrote


notawight OP t1_jdojgdm wrote

According to that link, this project was set for 894 days. Starting 3/28/19 and finishing 9/29/22.

It's now 3/25/23 and it's the same gaping hole in the ground it's been for a long time.

I'm just curious if anyone has any insight into why this is approaching a year over due.


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_jdp1aag wrote

Perhaps covid impacted progress? And the ability to get materials needed to complete the job within their presented timeline?


Left-Range6609 t1_jdqyuig wrote

what do you have against giant underground concrete swimming pools? If you're so smart what would you do with the money?


pbbb1256 t1_jdqsl7l wrote

Same contractors that messed up the top of Free Street for a year?


Guygan t1_jdodeit wrote

It’s being paid by federal and state money.

Nice try tho.


tjmme55 t1_jdop60p wrote

There isn't any group that is better at carelessly over spending and stuffing contractor's pockets than the federal and state governments. Especially where this project was essentially mandated by the Feds, that just give the contractor's even more leverage to burn money.

I agree that the project has taken way too long for what it is. The area they are currently digging is all backfill from the fire in the 1860s, so it's not like they are having to blast bedrock.


notawight OP t1_jdp39po wrote

Yep. Im not shocked a gov project is over schedule, just curious as to why and surprised at the lack of questions about why it's still a mud pit. Simply asking questions brings down votes. Weird.


800grandave t1_jdp5yb6 wrote

There are downvotes because its a naive question. Just being honest. No government insider is gonna spill the beans


notawight OP t1_jdp6m3z wrote

I don't think it naive to wonder why a public project is way over schedule and has apparently stalled - and I certainly don't think it's naive to expect an explanation.


800grandave t1_jdpa0a4 wrote

Its not naive to wonder. To post the question on reddit expecting an answer is