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schreckenghast666 t1_jancdn0 wrote

Please turn on your headlights when it’s snowing as well. Yeah you, in the white car.


DidDunMegasploded t1_janzjh1 wrote

How about turn your fucking lights on in the fucking daytime, you dumbass rube.

Dear God, I could kill myself from alcohol poisoning from all the cars I see that don't turn their headlights on, whether it's in snowy weather or a clear day. They aren't in the hands of CMP, it's okay to turn them on.


shopgirl56 t1_jaqrv7w wrote

From alcohol poisoning??? Wtf


DidDunMegasploded t1_jara1sw wrote

Yeah, y'know what, you're right.

I'd die as a drunk driver chugging shots sooner than I'd die from alcohol poisoning.


MarkyMarkWithStick t1_jaopi7p wrote

Why? All of you that downvoted my genuine question fuck you punk bitches


sledbelly t1_jaoq99n wrote

In inclement weather, you’re supposed to have your headlights on.


truththeavengerfish t1_jaoqz2w wrote

Any kind of weather. Makes the vehicle more visible to other drivers


sledbelly t1_jaor84x wrote

Sure but the law is specifically for inclement weather


Jim_from_snowy_river t1_jaouogk wrote

Personally I think they should have designed cars so that whenever the car is on the headlights are on and you can't turn them off with turning the car off. There's literally few to no reasons why you wouldn't want your headlights on.


plink420 t1_jaowpns wrote

I agree in most cases but there are definitely cases it's handy being able to turn them off. it's handy for me to be able to turn them off anyway.

Prime example, my house is located on a heavily travelled road and across the road from my house is another road that is dead end but quite long with a lot of houses on it. I back my truck in rather than pulling in so it would be quite annoying for all those folks to be blinded by my headlights shining through their windshield as my truck warms up, meanwhile they're just trying to find a break in traffic to pull out. Turning my lights off while the vehicle is on alleviates that issue.


Jim_from_snowy_river t1_jaowvvx wrote

It would definitely mean some minor inconveniences for some people but overall it would make roads a lot safer.


plink420 t1_jaoylmq wrote

Perhaps, especially in the inclement weather!


Tradesby t1_jasaqz1 wrote

You sound like someone that sells headlight bulbs


Jim_from_snowy_river t1_jaoulx1 wrote

Do you really not know why or you just trolling? When your lights are on you're easier to see.


[deleted] t1_jaq6bpd wrote



Jim_from_snowy_river t1_jaqsl3b wrote

White/gray car on a white/gray background?

Easier to see is easier to see. There's literally no downside to being easier to see.


InfamousCelery4438 t1_jaqzr4z wrote

There was an article in Reader's Digest at least 20 years ago. They studied the rate of traffic accidents for people who didn't have their headlights on during the day, vs. those who did. No headlights showed a huge leap in accidents, even in good weather. Most modern cars have a setting for daytime running lights, which can be turned off if necessary, such as the person who doesn't want to blind their neighbors while backing into their driveway. It's a safety thing.


raynedanser t1_jan2r00 wrote

The same people that don't use turn signals or headlights won't clean their cars off.


Successful_Border321 t1_jan4g8x wrote

How do you expect there to be time for such things between Marlboro Reds, Fireball Nips, and the new piece of shit they have to pick up to put in the front yard?


DarkEyes5150 t1_jaojssx wrote

I'm sorry I always use turn signals and headlights. But don't clean off the snow.

Edit: Also return my shopping cart


veggie_hike t1_jaotbwk wrote

Why apologize when you can just clean off the snow? Holy crap.


DidDunMegasploded t1_janztnm wrote

If an obese autistic woman like me can do it, so can you.

...I'm starting to think I should get this imprinted on my shirt and my hoodie and wear it everywhere I go. Seriously, people.


sdb865 t1_jane2pe wrote

Got to love when it happens the other way around too. Saw someone the other day with snow completely covering their windshield that slid from their roof. Driving down Park Ave like nothing happened lol


BeemHume t1_jao5gx0 wrote

This is not as big a deal as the frozen slush on top of the semi trucks.


Mainiak_Murph t1_jaqknxv wrote

Ya, no one's ever had a sheet of ice go through their windshield from a minivan.


BeemHume t1_jaqny6y wrote

This is fluffy powder, brushes off with one swipe of the wipers

It's not a sheet of ice; yet.


[deleted] t1_jancw4k wrote

Please don't use your cellphone while driving


difmaster t1_jaoi7au wrote

ah yes, i forgot the stealing wheel was on the right side of cars in Maine


Snotrockett t1_jaonzxa wrote

I had a work truck (Peterbilt 10 wheeled box truck) have the mirror get completely cleaned off on the ME/NH bridge by a giant piece of ice and snow.


RaptureRaven t1_jaooxf6 wrote

I had my windshield cracked from ice off the roof of a pickup a few years back. Felt great.


-Hedonism_Bot- t1_jaqpuwu wrote

Friend of mine was in a taxi on 95, explorer type vehicle. Ice off the tractor trailer in front of them demolished the window. Would have killed a person in the passenger seat. Luckily, no one was. Totaled the vehicle because it bent the A Pillar. Driver did an amazing job keeping it under control!

I clean my vehicles off religiously now.


MosskeepForest t1_jaoygl9 wrote

Eh, if someone has snow on their car and it's slightly annoying me.... I just don't follow as close.... and go on with my life.....

If it were giant sheets of ice or something, sure, that's a danger. But a bit of snow? My car will survive....


dumpln t1_japblcx wrote

Nothing says “I am more important than everybody else” like not giving a hoot what that might do to other people. Survival of the fittest


BARRYTHUNDERWOOD t1_jaow9xo wrote

Imma get what I can get with the ol’ driveway broom, then the trick is just go real fast for like 1/4 mile as soon as you pull onto the road


Adventurous_Gap_2092 t1_jaoy058 wrote

I do try to find a vacant place to drive and slam on breaks so it comes down the front and I can get it with wipers and brush it off if I am away from home.


Zealousideal_Ad_8736 t1_jaqsuh8 wrote

I go to a nearby car wash - the warm water and typhoon force air dryer cleared all the snow and ice off the car


Professional-Skirt50 t1_jaozcsd wrote

You don’t find it ironic that you are playing with you phone while driving in the snow? SMH 🤦‍♂️


poppinfresco t1_jap9k4f wrote

Please don’t take your phone out to snap pictures to farm that karma, while driving. Don’t try to bullshit me and tell me you were the passenger either. This is America, no one has passengers.


glasswings t1_jaq3vp5 wrote

Dash-cams are cheap these days. I'm giving OP the benefit of doubt here, but it's plausible.


winstonsmith8236 t1_japn8dc wrote

Dude. While driving back from Logan the SUV in front of me launched a 2’ x 2’ solid sheet of ice about 15’ in the air, luckily giving me time to brake and slow down a bit so it landed and cracked/shattered in front of me. All of this at about 90 mph. Thought to myself…so that’s why they tell you to wipe the snow off your roof….


hambone_boiler t1_japoa64 wrote

I always shout "Unsecured Load!" to myself when i see this. A chunk of snow or ice is still a fucking unsecured load


lukehyde101 t1_janz17l wrote

"But I gotta go to the smoke shop bub "


yupuhoh t1_jaos1r4 wrote

Cunts gonna cunt


MacTechG4 t1_jap3jed wrote

“But it’s tailgater repellant…” ;)


Earthling1a t1_jaqda65 wrote

LD 522 currently in committee (Transportation, work session on March 9) would make it illegal to drive without removing the snow.

5 items in testimony - 4 citizens in favor, logging industry opposed. Call your representative, especially if they are on the Committee. Committee members listed on the bottom left of the page.


nhhandyman t1_jaquyas wrote

A friend moved to Maine from NH. They told me they wish Maine had a version of Jessica's Law which is a NH law that allows for law enforcement to pull over and ticket these crazy people. The fine is high.

The law is named after the girl who died in car crash caused by snow flying off a car, causing the crash.


2crowsonmymantle t1_jarahdc wrote

Oh, no worries, that’ll blow right off, problem solved. 🙄🙄🙄 One night after leaving the movies at Clark’s Pond I once watched a solid sheet of ice fly straight up into the air from a car in front of me in moving traffic and it landed straight down like a sheet of glass dropped off a building onto another vehicles windshield where it exploded.

Yeah, that went well.


Trip_inthehead t1_jardak0 wrote

Saw a guy this morning with only the driver's side of the windshield cleared. While the other half still had at least 1/4 inch of snow on it, probably more.


MoistLobst3r t1_jaojefr wrote

Hello, Mr george? He's no good. No good operator.


midgit2230 t1_jaoq4v9 wrote

It’s even better when it flys off the car/truck in front of you and crashes on your car.


Adventurous_Gap_2092 t1_jaowvvi wrote

I was just thinking about this tonight. I broomed off my roof before I left the house. I cannot reach it without a standard room .

Then I'm out all day parked. My roof is reloaded and I can't reach. I cleaned off the rest of the car but this is exactly how it slides down when ai can't reach the roof.

This new proposed law is a bit unfair to average height or below women.


Adventurous_Gap_2092 t1_jaqq9e1 wrote

A link would be helpful. I have never seen this and don't k ow where they sell them or what they are called. Really? Followed by an image is a dick move and not meant to be helpful. Are you trying to be helpful or nah?


ecco-domenica t1_jat0kd5 wrote

It's a snow broom. They're literally in every hardware and big box store. Same places you went to buy your shovel and ice scraper. It hadn't occurred to me that you don't know what it is or haven't seen anybody use one. I thought you were being sarcastic. If you are an adult person who drives in Maine, you should have this in your car and use it every time it snows. It works a hundred times faster and better than a broom.

I am also a short woman and I call shenanigans on trying to pull the short woman card. Don't do that.


Adventurous_Gap_2092 t1_jat21nl wrote

I assure you, they are not in every hardware store. I'm in the hardware stores here regularly. I haven't been in a big box store for a while except for walmart. They didn't even have ice scrapers there. I will check Lowes and Home Depot the next time I drive down to Bangor. Thanks for letting me know it exists. The rest of your approach, entitlement and uppity bs I could do without.


ecco-domenica t1_jatak3e wrote

You can order them online from Lowe's or Home Depot or Ace Hardware. They are very, very common. You will be glad you got it.

But please. Don't go around saying you can't do the things that adults have to do or you're being discriminated against because you're a short woman, even a very short woman. That's not a good way to think about yourself or train other people to think about you. I don't care if you're mad at me if it makes you stop and think before you say something like that again.


Mainiak_Murph t1_jb03pix wrote

They are sold all over. Walmart, Home Depot, Staples, or even Amazon. The pic was to get you to think about options other than playing the "unfair to women" card.


Leviosahhh t1_jaq7j2n wrote

I keep a broom in my car for this reason but I can’t get all the snow off the roof. I push the top few inches off but it’s definitely not getting clean because I’m just a tiny person.

To be fair, my car is an SUV. When I had lower cars, it was never an issue as long as I had my broom or a longer snow brush.

I get the law and see the need for it because this would have been easy to prevent, but it does discriminate against shorter people a bit.


ecco-domenica t1_jat07f9 wrote

Some people actually keep the tools necessary for winter road safety in their vehicles, like a scraper, shovel, and broom. Some people even invest in a collapsible snow pusher. Even below average height women, which I am, are capable of this.


ForwardJeweler9549 t1_jaozb5k wrote

Got a broken windshield a few weeks back from one of those. Could the lack of lights be because they're on auto and it's not dark enough?


mullenman87 t1_jaqzibl wrote

this is extra lazy.. you have a sedan bro.
I can *maybe* understand someone with a van or SUV can't reach the roof to scrape it.


GCDurantula t1_jar38ri wrote

Please don’t text and drive


Visual_Stand t1_japrc7y wrote

Isn’t it a law you have to keep your roof cleared anyway? I’ve always done this.


Michael_Kansai t1_jaq8elr wrote

Isnt this illegal in Maine? Or was that something my parents told me.


Timely_Experience377 t1_jaqtkif wrote

If it’s not I’m pretty sure I just saw something about it going through the process of becoming illegal


alaindesjardins t1_jarna8p wrote

I have three kids with ADHD and don't always have the time to clean my wife's car off. She says sorry.


Adventurous_Gap_2092 t1_jb2zh4a wrote

I went to Walmart, the super one that is stupid big, Target, Two Lowes and a home depot. It was in none of those. I found something similar but not exact at Mardens. They aren't everywhere. Have the day you deserve.


Erniesheep t1_jaox855 wrote

The same people don’t use their rear view mirror


Frequent-Mail8262 t1_jap42o3 wrote


Leviosahhh t1_jaq811r wrote

The snow buckled my windshield wiper before work and ripped a blade off the other night so I was definitely driving like this rockstar until the shop opened the next day.


Frequent-Mail8262 t1_jardl3o wrote

Why not just scrape it off? Lol this was day after storm 40 degrees out and sunny. I understand vehicle parts fail but why risk the safety of yourself and others? Just to feel like a rockstar?! 🤣

Broom. Cardboard. Scraper. Hand. Pour warm water over it. Do something! Lol


Leviosahhh t1_jarf2uo wrote

I did broom and ice scrape. I live on top of a mountain and it’s not usually 40° when I leave for work around 6. Usually a bit colder and snowier. Accidents happen. Mine happened an hour before the store open and I handled it immediately.

Obviously the rockstar comment was sarcastic. Snow happens. Glad you handle every situation perfectly and never wind up in an unexpected situation with Mother Nature. Congratulations


Frequent-Mail8262 t1_jas1pjv wrote

Why are you being so very sensitive? I put a laugh emoji - its not that serious.

I’m not the OP - I posted a picture of a truck that I saw in 40 degree weather the day after a storm. Absolutely no precipitation at all. I really don’t understand what your issue is about said truck or the car OP posted unless it was of course you in one of the photos.

Snow does indeed happen and as someone who lives in a state that snows (maine) and has driving privileges (a license) and has access to a vehicle to drive (maybe you even own it?!) then said person should know how to responsibly use the vehicle in all weather conditions wether predicted or not.

If your wipers broke and it’s snowing or other precipitation is coming down such as rain then you don’t drive your car. Period. Call a friend, a family member, walk or pay for some form of transportation to get yourself to where you need to go.

As a parent and a human who cares for the safety of others it’s a huge risk for yourself and everyone on the road around you when you can’t see. This is why side mirror and rear view mirrors and now cameras are on vehicles - snow all over your vehicle blocks sight and when covering lights either dims or makes them almost non existent. Snow and ice already slow response times. If someone slams on breaks due to chucks of snow and ice coming at their windshield again it can cause accidents.

Ask for help when you need it if you can’t reach the top of your vehicle to get mounds of snow off. Buy the correct tools to assist you in clearing off your own vehicle regardless of mechanical failure - you have to be somewhat prepared for this. I never said I was perfect but I do know how to use my resources and am responsible.

You’re doing just fine in life and I’m very proud of your attempts to clear off your vehicle.

Sincerely, The Person Who’s Neck Was Broken In an Auto Accident And Prefers/encourages others to not. Clean off your fucking cars or don’t fucking drive. Your not cool cause you can see out a crack. That’s not a skill.


Leviosahhh t1_jat5177 wrote

I can see by your novel that it’s not that serious.


Leviosahhh t1_jat5401 wrote

I can also see that you got triggered by a lot of the assumptions you made about the entire situation that “wasn’t that serious”


Frequent-Mail8262 t1_jat9shh wrote

LOL are you ok?

I don’t think we are reading or on the same thread. You seemed butthurt. I only wanted to further ensure your safety. This being your mental. You went into detail about living on a mountain. I like to chat and type and you took the time to read the whole thing so it musta been a good story.


TheBoyAlbi t1_jb07t87 wrote

The only thing I see wrong in this picture is that this person pulled out their phone and was using it while operating a motor vehicle


i-am-garth t1_jaoxrmx wrote

I wouldn’t have obscured his license plate. He’s on a public road and deserves the opprobrium.


PatchMountain t1_jaofnor wrote

Honestly, what is the danger here? So much umbrage these days......friggin' chill out.


RaptureRaven t1_jaoorhd wrote

The snow can block their view of oncoming traffic, which can cause an accident.. It can slide off your roof onto your windshield when you stop, and could cause an accident. It can be partly frozen, fly off, and hit other cars on the highway, which could cause a high speed accident.

It literally takes two minutes to not endanger others. Plus, its the law to clear your windows in Maine.


veggie_hike t1_jaotlu5 wrote

Or just clean off your snow. Not hard.


JuniperTwig t1_japlt0w wrote

It can be if it's unreachable or blocked in by crossing roof racks. Context. It's important


Mainiak_Murph t1_jaql3nq wrote

Excuses excuses...


JuniperTwig t1_jarbvts wrote

I just know how snow and temperature works. Conditions vary. Deeper temperatures after warmth create the hazard. Not during a warm storm.


JuniperTwig t1_japlo5m wrote

People apparently think all snow conditions are the same


Jim_from_snowy_river t1_jaoub5o wrote

First it shows me that this person probably doesn't use the rear view mirror ever. That's pretty dangerous in and of itself. Second how can you be sure there's no ice underneath that snow if you didn't try to brush it off? Third it doesn't take much to make it so the driver behind you can't see. Even if you're following an appropriate distance behind a chunk of ice or a flurry of snow can make it difficult for you to see the road ahead of you. Fourth it shows that the person driving this car doesn't really care about anyone other than themselves and are too lazy to take a minute and a half to brush the snow off their car.


indyaj t1_janivho wrote

Jesus. That qualifies for a license revocation. They are 100% hazard to others and their own self.


hogrider01 t1_januedz wrote

This is not the type of snow it is not required


BeemHume t1_jao5qzp wrote

We're gonna get downvoted to New Hamshire for this, but yea, it's not a big deal if it's the fluffy stuff.


JuniperTwig t1_japljmp wrote

I agree. Bunch of virtue snowflakes ❄️ don't know fresh powder from slush or how temperatures work


ecco-domenica t1_jat58tx wrote

Thank you for today's demonstration there's nothing like ignorance served with a side of condescension.


JuniperTwig t1_jatg7mw wrote

Totally. That during the storm wet snow will slide off in the OPs pic with no consequence to anything whatsoever. What a thread full of physics denial.


ecco-domenica t1_jatl261 wrote

Um. Just to be clear, the OP is not the person I was referring to as demonstrating ignorance. So no, not totally.


JuniperTwig t1_jau4ajf wrote

But this past storm. Even tomorrows. Not an issue to not clear your car during said storms


ecco-domenica t1_jav5a1i wrote

This is why we need a law. Because of people like you with no common sense whatsoever endangering the rest of us.


JuniperTwig t1_jaw2u53 wrote

Plot twist: my reasoning is why we don't have snow-karen laws for snow Karen's such as yourself


TheBoyAlbi t1_jb07kcb wrote

Then leave maine we will be better off without you


ecco-domenica t1_jb0kb6x wrote

It offends you that I brush all the snow off my car? You are pro-snowy cars on the road? Maine would be a better place if everybody drove around with snow on their cars? Maybe we should pass a law that it's illegal to remove the snow from your car by artificial means? lol


TheBoyAlbi t1_jb0kn3y wrote

I think your projecting your offense towards those that don’t care enough bro since your the one that wants a dumb law to enforce it